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  1. Thanks marktreg. I actually thought it was going to work. It got about 1/2 through the upgrade. The I don't know if the error's codes behind 732 are important, but they are (0,0). Thanks also noknojon. Do yo all know anything about Google Chrome? My brother states that he loves it and doesn't have the problems that he had with IE. I will try downloading IE 8 and newer version of Malware. I don't understand why AVG didn't catch the Trojan. I guess you all will have a good laugh when I tell you what I'm taking this sememser in college. I'm starting in networking opitions class with pc repair as one of my 1st classes. Hey I'm 43 though, I don't see any future in business unless you are already rich. I"ve always been a data entry operator and can install software but sill walking into this blindfolded.
  2. Hi all, I'm having the same problem with error 732. I use version 1.41. I've read over all the forums and have also emailed administration. I've checked the LAN setting and the work offline. My system will try and upgrade to aboout 136kb, and the error pops up. I"m not really for sure about unstalling the program. If I do unistall, do I use the same lisense number that is on this version? I had a trojan virus that I did quarantine on 12-15. I use IE 7 and still having problems with my pc running slow. However, the cable company states there are no prolbems. The person I actually spoke with is the same person that put AVG and Malwarebytes' on my pc. I've read that people have lowered their firewalls to get the upgrade to work, should I try this?