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  1. Hi noknojon, Yep its gone and I'm happy malwarebyes did it for me . I hope maybe someone later on might be able to provide some more info about it . I hate not knowing where it came from . The good part was I got it pretty early with no damage . Oh well , Happy Holidays to all .
  2. Does anyone know where this is from ? I did a scan with Malwarebyes and it found this udRemove.exe from C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\udRemove.exe , now prior to that I wasn't able to open this folder , I got a pop up saying >> My current securty setting do not allow this action But once I Quarantine it I was able to open my TIF folder . I end up deleting the file , I figure it was in the TIF section so no harm could of been done by deleting it I'm just curious if there any solid info as to where it might of come from ? Thanks Windows xp pro sp3 fully updated , MS security essentails
  3. Hi ... I just done a scan with Malwarebytes and I have that same trojan but I don't have KMPlayer install , not that I don't think I do . Could this player be installed without my knowledge , I mean I'm the only one using my computer . Could it had gotten installed by visiting a website ? Also I notice I am not able to open my temporary internet files folder if I try doing it manually, I get this windows saying " My current securty setting do not allow this action "