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  1. This is what i finally did (got this virus at 7PM and it is now 3 AM). None of my anti-virus programs would work either. They'd either freeze or not let me scan. I finally downloaded smitfraudfix off of some site I found. I ran it in safe mode and it got rid of the system virus warnings,security alert, and serious freeze issues. But my comp was still running slow and none of my virus programs were functional. And of course, I STILL had the Malware Defense program on my computer after deleting it in safe mode...Anyways, I had weird troubles when I was downloading malbytes and also had to change the install name to get it to work. But then it wouldn't launch! Finally, at my wits end, I went to where I installed malbytes and changed the name of the launching icon. I think it's called mbm. Clicked on it and it worked! I just finished scanning...its 320AM, and I can finally go to sleep knowing I am free of Malware Defense for now. Cheers - And I hope anyone who gets the Malware Defense / Windows Security Alert virus this will find this post!