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  1. WOW!!...Thanks so much, I'll do all of that and thanks again!!
  2. Okay...i did that. I guess it uninstalled combofix. Why did i want to do that? I kind of thought I was cleaned up and ok. Although one of the "symptoms" was I was unable to go to a restore point while i was infected. I've not looked into that. If i run combofix again in the future should i use the one i dropped the CFScript into? thanks
  3. Done......during the process i noticed it said it could not find a /system32/combofix file of some type. Anyway it seems to have run ok. I'm attaching the combofix.txt. So do you think i'm clean? what are the orphaned registery leftovers? thanks again ComboFix.txt
  4. I'm trying to put this information in the correct place. My system is clean again, I had tried a random named malwarebytes and it still wouldn't run. The IT guys at my offfice recommended "combo fix" then to run malwarebytes. The combo fix did the trick, though as it was loading pop-ups kept showing up saying the file was infected and wouldn't run. Well it did and seems to have fixed the issues. Next i ran the quick malwarebyte scan and lastely the full malware bytes scan. I've attached four logs: the malware just prior to infection, then the comb fix log, then the short malware log and lastly the full malware log scan. Malware removed more things it seems after the combo fix. Oh yeah and i purchased the malwarebytes product, it now runs all the time. I'm not sure of the relationship between malwarebytres, Combo fix and also the superantispyware (my IT guys also recommended it) but i notice all are available at the combofix.org website. Thanks for your help. Combo_Fix_log.txt mbam_log_2010_01_06__05_31_20_.txt mbam_log_2010_01_14__21_10_56_.txt mbam_log_2010_01_15__01_04_42_.txt
  5. Still unable to run it...even the random name generated one. i get a 70(3,0) error. Waiting for the Microsoft Level II call back. This forum seems a bit beyond my ability and this bug is pretty tough. May have to do a system recovery.
  6. Defogger ran fine i guess, after finished, no restart asked for. went to disable re-enable box again. defogger_disable by jpshortstuff ( Log created at 20:32 on 11/01/2010 (HP_Administrator) Checking for autostart values... HKCU\~\Run values retrieved. HKLM\~\Run values retrieved. Checking for services/drivers... -=E.O.F=-
  7. digging further in I see this is not a rare problem. will try some of the remedies when i get home. The Microsoft guys were using the process explorer (still have it on my desktop) exstensively deleting merrily away...to no avail however. trying figure out which step to take next, maybe using a random named mbam.exe??? or the CLB rootkit?? suggestions?
  8. I've spent 4 hours online with personal Microsoft support (easy assist - ran their OneCare ful performance protection scan in safe and normal) from the phillipines to no avail/resolution. they have elevated to Tier 2 support and ask me to wait 5 days!! Malewarebytes has solved infections in the past but this bug is bad. it will not load malware, says things are missing?? downloaded the 1.44 to usb and tried to run from there still no go. Same with "Norman" malware tool. Some of the home PC user profiles seem ok, two have problems. Latest is a green desktop with redbox center saying you are infected...like i didn't know. Any ideas????