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  1. I got it and responded. Just to update the thread, I just got off the phone with my client and he purchased a handful of individual licenses instead of corporate so I dont know if that level of support is there. I am running a script that does the /verysilent install and will be looking at how to push the various licenses out to each installation. Thanks.
  2. One of our clients recently purchased about 20 corporate licenses with plans to get about 80 more. My job is to get these installed on machines all over the country. I know I can run a /verysilent install but I want to make sure all the options are configured right and am also wondering about registering each installation with the right information with out having to type anything in. I reallllly don't want to have to touch any of these computers...I need this as automated as possible. Can Malwarebytes work with me to create an installer or am I on my own for this? Any info and/or tips would be great! Thanks!