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  1. After a couple more blue screens and reboots, I am finally able to get you the text file that you requested. chkdsk.txt
  2. Sorry about that. Here are the files mentioned before. BSOD (Updated).txt dds.txt
  3. Hello, I updated the MBAM file as requested and started to do a quick scan. After 15 minutes in the same system folder - my system shut down and tried to restart, tried again and again. After 30 minutes of trying to restart the system in normal mode, I tried to start in in safe mode. Locked up going through the drivers folder. Shut down and was able to get the system up and running again after I skipped checking the drives for consistancy. I have attached a revised BSOD.txt file along with the requested DDS.txt file.
  4. Thank you for your fast response to my problem. Here is the report. BSOD.txt
  5. I have been trying to do a complete scan of my system for about two weeks now and half way through my scan with Malwarebytes, my system reboots and lose all of the progress that the scan has gone through. Have also been doing weekly scans with AVG free 9.0 for years and the last few weeks, the scan locks up half way through and reboots the system after the Blue Screen pops up on the system. Am corrently running Windows XP and everything has been updated along the way as far as I know. Thanks for any help in this manner to resolve my problems.
  6. Gringo, I installed the msicuu2.exe and the Coupon Printer for Windows program does not appear in the list of installed programs. I have also attached the log from the scan. Thanks. AVG_Log.txt
  7. Gringo, Thank you, thank you for all of your help.. I just have two more questions. 1) Over the weekend I had a scheduled scan take place within AVG and it found three items of concern or errors. They are white listed critical system files that could not be opened. Is this something that I should be concerned about? Should I upload the scan result file to you for you to have a look at it? 2) Is there a way that I can uninstall the Windows Coupon Printer program that you had mentioned deleting, but that I was unable to do? Thanks
  8. Hello, Here is the requested MBAM report. Thanks mbam_log_2010_05_29__20_37_37_.txt
  9. Hello, The only results I have are from the ESET scan. I was not able to uninstall the Coupon Printer for Windows - it has an invalid uninstall control file. I was not able to run MBAM - it said it has an error code 714(0,9). Thanks. ESET_Log.txt
  10. Gringo, Here is the new created .txt file. The Windows Recovery Console has now been installed. ComboFix.txt
  11. Gringo, All seems to be working much better now. The internet, taskbar and themes all seem to be back at the moment and everything seems to be running much faster. I was not able to install the Windows Recovery from ComboFix because I had no Internet at the time. Attached is the requested .txt file. log.txt
  12. Gringo, I have attached the results from the Rootkit Unhooker scan. When I was opening it, it said that it detected a parasite inside itself. Is this normal? And, after I rebooted the system when the GMER scan locked up, I now have noticed that the taskbar is not the normal XP blue anymore. It is now a sand color, all my installed themes are missing and I am no longer able to access the internet on that system. Thanks Report.txt
  13. Thank you Gringo for helping me out. I have attached the requested files, however after I ran the GMER scanner for a day and a half, it locked up my system after it completed before I could save the txt file. Had to reboot the system again and lost all of the GMER results. Attach.txt
  14. I feel like I have caught something!! All of a sudden I have websites popping up on my screen that I did not request. Internet not connecting all the time. Mbam not running anymore. Unable to restore system anymore. Websites redirected to other websites. Just do not feel that this is a good thing. Please help..