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  1. Thank you for clearing that up. I'll certainly keep that in mind. jahewi
  2. Hi there, A few days ago, i installed Avira Antivirus Free 2013 on a PC on wich Malwarebytes Free already was installed. During the installation of Avira, i was strongly recommended to remove Malwarebytes before continuing the installation ... I have posted this issue in the Dutch Security-forum Nucia.eu link (in Dutch) And just now, i saw a question on the Dutch security-forum Nucia.eu about Norton Internet Security conflicting with Malwarebytes. See this link (in Dutch) Ofcourse i won't uninstall Malwarebytes or advice anyone to do so Is Malwarebytes aware is these issues? rgds, jahewi,
  3. That's great news, Cheryl B) However, if you want to be absolutely sure that it's completely removed, i'd advice to post the HijackThis-log anyway. In your case, it's not people that's trying to get into your computer, but malware (short for Malicious Software). However there is a lot you can do against it, allthough you can never protect your computer 100% I don't know the level of protection of your computer, but i have the following pointers for you Windows ME, XP en 2000 only: Remove old restorepoints and set a new, clean one: If you have removed malware, just now, it's recommended to remove old restorepoints and let Windows make a new, clean one. Because Windows regularly sets restorepoints, it's very possible that the malware, you have removed, is still present in the System Restore. If you have to put Windows back to such a restorepoint, this malware will be put back, as well. To remove the current restorepoints and and set a new, clean one: - Click Start > rightclick 'My Computer' > select 'Properties' > click tabpage 'System Restore'. - Mark Turn off System Restore, click 'Apply' and then 'OK'. - Reboot the computer. - Goto the 'System Restore-tabpage' again and unmark Turn off System Restore Keep your antivirus-program uptodate and do regular scans with it. If you haven't got a antivirus, you can download and install one of the following free ones: AVG aVast AntiVir Keep your pestware-scanners uptodate and do regular scans with them. To keep your computer free of Spyware, Adware, Hijackers etc., download and install the following free pestware-scanners (if you haven't installed them allready): AdAware Spybot Install realtime pestware-scanners and keep them uptodate. The following free realtime pestscanners prevent a number of malware-variants from entering your computer, in the first place: SpywareBlaster SpywareGuard If you haven't got one, allready, install a firewall and keep it uptodate. A firewall will prevent unauthorized contact between your computer and internet. If there is no firewall installed on your computer, you can download and install one of the following free firewalls: ZoneAlarm Sygate Kerio Personal Firewall (Will be discontinued as from the end of 2005) Important: (Windows XP only) If you install a firewall, be sure to turn off the WinXP-firewall! Install these programs, to make surfing with Internet Explorer more save: - a popup-blocker, f.e. Google Toolbar: A popup-blocker prevents popup-windows from opening, when you come along a websites that uses them, during internet-surfing. - IE-SPYAD: This utility adds a long list of known bad sites to Internet Explorer's Restricted Sites zone. This prevents those sites from executing their malious programs on your computer. Install and use an alternative browser to surf on the internet. Internet Explorer is famous for it's security-problems. Therefore, and because it's most-used browser on the planet, most of the hijackers, adware and spyware are made to abuse your computer thru Internet Explorer. Here are some good alternative browsers: Mozilla Suite Mozilla Firefox Opera Netscape Important: You can not uninstall Internet Explorer. First of all, it's part of Windows and you'll need it to download and install Windows Updates. Secondly, There are some sites that are only accessable with Internet Explorer, fe. most of the Online Malware-scanners. But above all, keep Windows, malware-scanners and firewall UPTODATE at all time!! Also, i can recomment reading the excellent advice by Tony Klein: So how did I get infected in the first place? You're very welcome, Cheryl! Keep your computer save and ... happy surfing! Jan
  4. Congrats, Ducky It's great to see you have your own spot, again Jan B)
  5. Hi Cheryl. I don't know if i am allowed to answer your question, but it's a small answer. So i hope they forgive me B) Here it is: There is no universal way of dealing with About:Blank-infections, just because of the number of variants. However, you don't have to find out wich variant is on your computer. Let the experts find that out for you Just post a HijackThis-log in this topic and wait for one of the helpers/experts to respond How to post a HijackThis-log: - Make a new folder on your desktop and name it f.e. HJT - Download HijackThis and unzip it to the HijackThis-folder, you've just made. - Open the HijackThis-folder and doubleclick HijackThis.exe to open the program. - Click Scan and wait for HijackThis to make the log. - Click Save log to save the log and open it in Notepad. - Copy the complete text of the log into this topic. Good luck, Jan
  6. Hi RubbeR DuckY, It's great to see you're alive and kicking! Good for you. So, congrats and keep up the great work Jan