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  1. I woke up this am to yet another 730 error. This is about the 6th one in 4 weeks. I found a recent post about the mbamrules file, and I'm happy to say that file corrected the issue without the tedious multiple reboots/ reinstalls. However, why does this continue to happen? Is there something in my config that is preventing it from updating correctly? Win 7 64 Pro MSE running in tandem not sure what else you would need to know about the system./
  2. I know how to correct this error ... In fact, I'm now an expert in correcting this error since this is the 4th time in the two weeks of ownership the software has failed. Uninstall, reboot, clean, reboot, reinstall ... This error shows for me in the morning. I have a scheduled quick scan and a scheduled check for new version at 1 AM. Obviously it screws itself up somewhere. This is a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit machine. Houston, we have a problem.
  3. 730 happened again. Probably when it did it's 1:00 AM scheduled quick scan/ update. Although it updated fine when I manually clicked check for updates.
  4. FYI: I disabled Automatically detect settings in the 32-bit IE. The autoconfig script was already disabled. 64-bit IE did not show either setting enabled, however I checked the 32bit first so it may have captured that setting.
  5. Windows 7 was a new install >>> It was a clean install from an upgrade disk. No other way to go from 32-bit to 64-bit. I reinstalled MBAM and it is up and active for now. Both times it quit working were after a re-boot.
  6. It's always been like that since I installed Windows 7 64-bit. I did a clean install upgrade from Vista 32-bit.
  7. Windows 7 64-bit Professional Antivirus: Windows Security Essentials Firewall: Windows I will do what you suggested in IE, however I never use IE. Also, I have 32 bit and 64 bit IE.
  8. I reinstalled and I got it up and running. Then I got the same error 3 days later. I just purchased the product less than a week ago. I don't want to reinstall this every few days. Any thoughts?
  9. Malwarebytes will not start since computer rebooted. It gives error 730 (0,0)