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  1. I'm not sure what you mean. Using task manager, I can't see which user is running a service. When looking at the properties of the service, it's set to Network Service. (screenshot). Branchcache is just a random service I used to try if it was possible, so it might have a specific configuration (which isn't admin related). Technically, I believe UAC was designed to improve the way privilege escalation is executed. Because in the past many systems settings either couldn't be changed at all (and you would need to log off and log on), or wouldn't function properly (when using the "run as" feature), where preventing escalation is a nice side feature. I know for sure I've read something about this. However, this kinda is off topic, and I might even be wrong.
  2. I just tried. Starting works, stopping doesn't.
  3. I fully agree that adding more startup items isn't the solution. All these services, quick start items, supportive excecutables, etc. etc. slow down your computer. Even a modern computer (I7/SSD) might suffer from this over time, when more applications are installed. Just a random thought: one is able to start a service without administrative privileges if I'm not mistaking. So why not install an MBAM service, set it to manual startup, and then use "net start" (or something similar) to start it when needed. I don't know if this will solve the problem, but it's just something I was thinking about.
  4. I hear you. I still find it somewhat confusing to an end user, because I think updating should be possible at all times, regardless of your level of privilege. However, as it seems to be working 'as designed', I just hope you might consider my post as being feedback instead of a complaint .
  5. Yes, I'm running a licensed pro version. Setting the scheduler seems to have solved the problem. I know update every 6 hours, and a tray balloon informs me of success.However, if the database storage location is protected, how is the built-in scheduler able to access it? I don't need to fill in administrative credentials when I start my pc, so where does it receive it's correct permissions from?
  6. Hi, Is there a way to stop MBAM asking for administrative credentials when updating? I'm running the protection module, which works fine. However, every 7 days it alerts me the dbase is outdated 7 days and asks me if I want to update. When I click yes, it asks for my credentials (I'm running UAC / Windows 7). I know no other scanner application that needs administrative permissions just to update it's database. It almost is counter intuitive, because when a user doesn't have the right permissions, he will end up with an out of date database. Please share your idea's or thoughts. Thanks.