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  1. For this log file yes . But for the other one(did not create thread on it), I had to re install windows as a boot file got corrupted after removing virus from it(all files were backed up ).
  2. Thanks! I asked because one pc I worked on.. I used malwarebytes and removed viruses and and a virus happen to corrupt boot file so I had to reinstall windows. But this one I used combofix, malwarebytes, and MSE and its all good now
  3. I am fixing a friend's laptop that has been infected with viruses and need some help. I see that there are a lot of registry key viruses and from past experience(someone's pc) there were some in the registry key and it happened to be part of the boot forcing me to reinstall windows. I am hoping that if I remove the viruses that it won't corrupt the windows image. Sorry for my poor post and I hope you guys can help me out with the log file I am attaching. Thanks in advance! mbam_log_2010_02_27__15_51_33_.txt