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  1. Thank you for the additional info. I'd forgotten about the confirmation email, we'll look for that...'-}} >>daledoc1: PS No problem about editing the post -- you'll get the ability to do that when you have 50 posts. Ahhh...thanks! I kept thinking I was looking in the wrong place for the option. I certainly understand about why there are qualifiers on being able to edit one's posts (I sysop on another forum) but 50 is quite a bit higher than I've found on other forums however, given spammers and other nasties, better safe than sorry...'-}} Terrie
  2. I'm sorry daledoc1, I just realized I was looking in the wrong place for you name and used "spam hunters" instead. I can't seem to find any way to edit my reply so...I'm posting again...'-}} Terrie
  3. >>spam hunters: Yes, the consumer license is transferable. Thank you very much for the quick reply and the answer! I figured the license was transferable but wanted to make sure...'-}} >>Rather than just uninstalling, though, you'll want to use the mbam-clean utility to remove all traces (including license info) from the old system: Thanks for this and the link also. I usually use RevoUninstaller to uninstall stuff which (generally) gets all those left over bits and pieces but I'll run mbam-clean for this. Fortunately, I made my sister print out the license info when she bought MBAM Pro so we do have the license data...'-}} Terrie
  4. My sister uses MBAM PRO (fully licensed) on her laptop and has recently purchased a new laptop. If we were to uninstall MBAM Pro on what is now her old laptop and install MBAM Pro on her new laptop, will MBAM allow us to use the license number from the old system on the new system--is the license transferable? Thank you! Terrie
  5. >>It could be an odd display issue with the latest version I've not seen this in previous I noted, I'm not seeing it on my system at home. Now that I know that the manual update does indeed update the database (even if not shown on the Update tab), if I have a problem downloading the update (due to Cricket's flakey-ness) I can at least be reasonably sure that the scan is working with a relatively current database. Thanks much! Terrie
  6. Ahhh!!! That's good to know... What about the odd update window display I've been seeing which basically displays sort of like this "download .00 (xxxxxxxxx)"--where "xxx..." is a 8-9 digit number that changes--and the progress meter is not incremented? As I mentioned, I've not seen this problem on my own (WinXP) system but I did read a post in the forum from someone who is seeing the same problem. Thank you! Terrie
  7. Once a week or so I do maintenance on a friend's laptop--a Toshiba running WinXP. She lives in a semi-rural area and has (fake) broadband via Cricket which often has connection issues. Because of that, the late in the evening of the day before I go to visit, I update my own version of MBAM and copy the rules.ref file to a flash drive just in case her Cricket connection is flakey--doesn't take much for Cricket to be flakey...'-}}--and if the Cricket connection is ok, I download the current rules.ref file via the Update tab's "check for updates". For well over a year, I have copied the rules.ref file from my flash drive to the appropriate MBAM subfolder on her laptop, sometimes I've been able to do a live update (via "check for updates" on the Update tab) because the Cricket connection is decent, run scans and have had no problems. I have also updated the MBAM software when appropriate and up until the latest release version ( have had no problems. A few weeks ago, the MBAM version on my own system updated (to so I updated the MBAM software on the laptop to the current version having downloaded it via the download link (, copied it to my flash drive and then to my friend's laptop. I did an overlay install of the new version (I've done overlay installs before with no problems) and I UNchecked "update mbam" and "open mbam now" options because I wanted to copy the (relatively current) rules.ref file from my flash drive to the appropriate MBAM subfolder on the laptop before opening the new version--I'd done this for previous MBAM software updates and it worked just fine--because the Cricket connection was not very good. When I started MBAM, the pop-up window asking if I wanted to try the trial pro version displayed and I declined. I checked the Update tab and it didn't show the database version I had just copied into the doc/settings/allusers/mbam subfolder and when I tried to update (via clicking on the "Check for Updates" button), I had significant problems because the download screen display was very odd--the download percentage never displayed properly ("download .00"), the progress meter never moved and the number of bytes downloaded also did not display properly (basically a weird changing 8-9 digit number displayed). I figured that the install was problematic and tried using mbam-clean.exe to uninstall but it left stuff all over the place so I eventually used RevoUninstaller (advanced mode), did a clean install and I was finally able to get the rules.ref file update downloaded although the download display window stats were still weird looking (as described above) but I figured we were good to go. Last week, I again copied the (relatively current) rules.ref file from my flash drive to the appropriate subfolder on the laptop and again, the Update tab did not show the database version I had just copied. I tried downloading but couldn't get the updates to download. I had the same odd download window display and eventually, the download would stall, MBAM was shown as "not responding" in the Task Manager window, and I had to abort MBAM. I tried this a few times over the course of about an hour or so and finally just gave up figuring I need to pop in here and post to see if you guys had any suggestions. I've browsed around the forum in hopes of finding a solution and I didn't see anything pertinent. I'm considering uninstalling version and installing version 1.50.1 (downloaded from Sooo... 1. Is there something odd going on with MBAM version that you guys are aware of? I'm having no problems on my system at home. 2. What's going on with the display window for the update download? Again, I don't see this on my system at home. 3. Is it a reasonable idea to go back to version 1.50.1? 4. Other suggestions? Thanks! Terrie
  8. >>It's the same software, so all you'll need to do once you purchase the PRO version is to open the software and click on the Register button and enter the ID and Key that you're sent after purchase. Excellent!!! >>Yes, the PRO version uses the same database as the free version so you can still transfer rules.ref if needed for your friend's computer. Even better...I'd been holding off on upgrading as I'd not gotten around to ask about this... Thank you very much for your quick reply and helpful answers... Terrie
  9. I'm considering upgrading to MBAM Pro and I've got a few questions: 1. Is MBAM Pro completely software from the free version so that I would need to UNinstall the free version before installing the Pro version? 2. I do maintenance on a friend's laptop about once a week and she has sort-of broadband access (via Cricket) which is somewhat unreliable so I copy the rules.ref file to a flash drive so that just in case I can't get online at her place I can copy a more current version of rules.ref to her laptop before running a scan. Is rules.ref file the same for both the Pro and the free versions? 3. Other questions I should ask before taking the plunge? '-}] Thanks! Terrie
  10. I noted in my post, I found that after I'd found the forum via a browser search. I still think it would be more helpful to have the link to the forum on the homepage...but as a friend of mine used to say...wtfdik...'-}} Thanks... Terrie
  11. I finally was able to complete the forum registration process so that I could report that I had the same false positive and that when I rescanned using 3817, the problem was gone--I had to register again using a different userid/forumid and email address because I never received the registration confirmation email for my first registration and there is no way to contact any forum admins if you haven't been able to complete the registration process. To any forum admin reading this post, it would be really helpful if there were a link to the forum on the home page because I actually found the forum via a browser search--while I had looked at the "contact us" page a number of months ago, I don't remember seeing the support forum link but, I might have missed it. It would be easier if there were a "support forum" link on the homepage for those of us who can't see beyond the end of our noses...'-}} Thanks... Terrie