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  1. Hi shadowwar how are you sure this is an false positive?
  2. Hi ive just found that mbam has found and removed a zbot file \programfiles\jowood\transportgiant.gold\open url.exe(spyware.zbot.out) transport giant an old pc game been on system years and havent used for 12mths or more can i assume this virus is gone or do i need to investigate further as this has a nasty reputation, thgis was found on 28/7/2012 also truster rapport does not seem to work wih firefox and will not up date trusteer looking into this problem is related do you think any help will be gratefully received.
  3. HI thanks for the info have done that all seems to be running ok. only just started using norton does not seem to be the resource hog ive een lead to belive,many thanks again.
  4. HI ive just installed norton internet security 2011 on my pc will there by any conflicts between this & my paid version of mbam?
  5. HI there i have windows vista and run mbampro mse & sas on demand this morn when running sas scan windows notifed me that mbam had stopped working, when i check the protection module had been turned off i turned it back on and then ran scans with mbam & mse all found nothing, also had 2 messages that firefox has an error and stopped working(message in grey box with send error report to firefox) could this be linked any ideas.
  6. hi am running mse with mbampro, sas on demand & firefox browser seems to be working ok, did try threatfire for a while but it slowed my pc down and kept interupting cd rom games, mbampro much better.
  7. HI thanks exile360 for the info on mse @ mbam, i notice it was meant for windows xp users, im am running windows vista basic,will i need to follow those exclude process steps for this system?
  8. HI again, thanks for all the input ahs helped alot,well done to yokenny1 for pushing avast will be keeping a clos eye on avast 5.0 462 over next few weeks and if all is well may change back to avast, but having said that mse is working fine up to now(hope ive not jinxd it now lol) so we shall see how we go, many thanks again this will be 1st port of call for future problems.
  9. HI thnaks exile360 so its safe to run mbam @ sas pro versions at same time with microsoft security essentials, still not to sure about threatfire will give it some more time though. Also am thinking of returning to avast5.0 free would that be a wise move at a later date as they still seem to be having problems with this security 2010 and its varients.
  10. Thanks ibrad have done that but as yet had no reply here's what threatfire says, c;\program files\SUPERantispyware\SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE is trying to down load device driver on to system.,,,,,c:\program files\microsoft security essentials\MPCMDRUN.EXE trying to connect in abnormal way. any ideas.
  11. HI again and thanks for the input just a quick update been using threatfire for about a week and it constantly tells me that there is a threat whenever i open sas or update it and whenever mse updates keeps telling me these are infected but nothing shows up on mbam scan think its time to ditch it and upgrade mbam....ps would full version of sas conflict with anything and would i need it with mbam pro.
  12. thanks for the replies after looking at several forums it looks like mse is getting some good reviews, alot of people say its up there with avast. Ive found it simple to use and understand install it and basicly forget it ive looked at avast on another system but seems a tad over complicated with all those varying levels of cover within those modules, the only complaint ive got about threatfire is if you set the sensitivity to level 5 its blocks almost every action it stop sas and mse from updatng yesterday but at level 4 its ok.Not used mbam pro yet but would like some feedback from users and again many thanks to those who have replied.
  13. HI thanks for all the input much food for thought but would like to hear from anyone who has used threatfire for sometime
  14. HI new to this forum so hope ive got this in the right place. currently im running microsoft security essentials, threatfire, along with superantispyware free and of course malwarebytes free. My ques,, is this a good combo of protection or is avast5.0 free anybetter than mse, is threatfire good or would the malwarebytes pro with mse or avast be better and are there any known conflicts between these programs. The reason i ask is well its microsoft but having said that it seems to be working ok so far hope this hasnt revied a boring old thread many thanks.