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  1. Why don't you wait for an answer at DSL Reports Security ? avira
  2. Englash ??? Search the internet for a website that may post nasty stuff. I am sure you can find one.
  3. You would have to find a site that has something that the program blocks. I sure as hell not going to try that kind of test. You do it and the other guy that posts junk.
  4. Let me just add that the error has been around since the last "upgrade". I had to do a clean install to fix it. Now with yesterdays "upgrade" I have the error on my laptop. The last time it was on one desktop. There doesn't seen to be any fix floating around. I am going to right click on the task bar and shut down that way or just use the power button. I wasted too much time the last time.
  5. This is what I get with KW <20> UNIQUE Registered KW <00> UNIQUE Registered WORKGROUP <00> GROUP Registered WORKGROUP <1E> GROUP Registered WORKGROUP <1D> UNIQUE Registered ☺☻__MSBROWSE__☻<01> GROUP Registered I really don't see what you mean in your post about duplicate.
  6. Thank you. That thing with Superantispyware is very old and not even sure if it is active or being used. Thank you for the help and information. This version of Win 10 pro is a "clean" install and the partitions were deleted before install. Who knows after all this is Windows and it's inherent crap.
  7. Here are the requested logs after running chkdsk /r . The event viewer log looked ok also. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. here they are FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Sophos and Adwcleaner had nothing in the logs. Thank you Addition.txt FRST.txt JRT.txt
  10. Here is the fixlog.txt. Has to be a suttle problem because this machine has been running very well. Fixlog.txt
  11. Here are the newest files, just in case Be back tomorrow am Colorado time !! Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.7z
  12. Problem is I deleted the FRST64 files. Should I get a new download and use fixlist.txt or do the whole thing over.
  13. Same as my last post. Vacation Time ???
  14. Well, I run MBM, ESET, Superantispyeware and a few other things, never had a problem. Have run MBM, Superantispyware and Outpost Security Suite and each one caught something the others didn't. Should be the same with ESET. You should see all the Windows files I run, must be hundreds !!!!
  15. The free version only has manual scan if you did not know already.