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  1. Until one of the regulars chimes in, that path doesn't look correct to me on a none network computer. Doesn't look like File Explorer to me, either
  2. That is funny ! I have never had a sound come from the Malwarebytes program for any reason.
  3. I warned about that setting years ago, but I was told that was the way MBM wanted it.
  4. It is good until you die, Malwarebytes goes out of business or they sell the product Clear enough ?
  5. you make a install/repair dvd with the " media creation tool". Search for it. You need a new download dvd everytime Windows 10 has a upgrade, not an update.
  6. Years ago I got a program from them. Was really years until the emails stopped.
  7. Glad to hear it was a utility. I have run JV16 power tools for years and only once did I let it "clean" my computer. That was the one and only time. Lesson learned. Took a long time to get back to normal. I only use it to find a possible problem with uninstalled programs. I use it, regedit and another program to do searches. I haven't had problems with Ccleaner. Registry cleaners are snake oil to a point. You still have to know what you are doing with the Registry.
  8. Sounds like something a utility would do. 11 years ?
  9. Is that box checked ? That is the number one thing. If it is checked, please wait for someone else to reply.
  10. Go to settings and make sure the third box down is checked >show system tray notifications< I have that unchecked because I know protection is active and not to be bothered with notifications.
  11. Some one around who I can send my license key to ? Reinstalled and got error 405 and it is on only one machine. Think I forgot to unactivate.
  12. You should see a little arrow on the task bar, see if it is in that box. If you are running Windows 10, there are other places to "show what icons show on the task bar".
  13. You forgot old age