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  1. A colleague of mine reports that MalwareBytes currently detects someone trying to compile the Roslyn open source project with several Backdoor.MSIL.PGen detections. (This is the C# compiler released as open source software this morning) Billy3
  2. Hello /// LINK REMOVED /// The extension should not be nuked unless other symptoms of that rogue are present. In this case, the ZIX mail program has registered that extension. MbAM needs to check the zixFile in HKCR to see if the extension loads the rogue or not. Billy3
  3. Hello developers of MbAM I've been working on a user's HJT log over at BleepingComputer here: Ran MbAM to deal with the TDSSSERV r/k, but it appears something has gone wrong. Looks like it tried to get rid of tdssserv, but it's also trying to delete System32 (Yikes!). Thought this was just a fluke in the logging but seeing as TDSSSERV has come back I figured I'd file a bug report Thanks! Billy3