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  1. As we speak I am running a scan which updates database, right?
  2. I just had this popup on my browser. I went to Tech Support Guy site and they say it is a false positive and mwb has an update to fix it. True?
  3. ok great - thanks.
  4. I have Avast AV and MWB. I use them both on each of my systems. I thought I would run the above name scanner for a back up check up. Its description says it works with AV programs but does not mention malware type programs. Is it ok to run this with MWB enabled? and if not, is there a way to disable MWB in order to run it. Thanks.
  5. Thank you D.D1. I will go in and change the settings to daily threat scans and knock off the hourly scans. Don't know if I need a clean install as the program seems to run fine with the exception of the one day without scans. It did its scan today so I will give it a day or two and see how it works out. Thank you again. Really appreciate your help as always.
  6. Periodically I check my history for scans on my premium MWB program. I have it set to run threat scans every hour - every day. When I checked yesterday, 5/7, I noticed that none had been run on 5/6. None at all. I have been having a lot of issues with this pc and have had at least 5 remote sessions with Microsoft techs to cure some of the ill encountered after a windows 7 reinstall. The last one of these sessions was run on 5/5. About 3 ran yesterday, 5/7. One is scheduled to run today at 10:45. I don't know why these settings have changed. Should I be worried. Thanks for any input.
  7. On User Account. Dell Inspiron One 4GB Windows 7 SP1 - Just having a normal day browsing the net and now: Don't know what is going on - my windows explorer is looping between "windows explorer has stopped working" and then "windows explorer is restarting". I stops everything else from working. I looked in the Event viewer and it called out an application warning as 1580 which regards the registry. I do not mess with the registry so don't know what this is all about. I ran a MWB scan and it found nothing. I tried to set up an alternative user account and it failed. I looked in the Services section to check status and it said that User Profile Service was started so don't know why that doesn't work. Is there anything else I should do with regard to malware or viruses? Thank you.
  8. I have not used IE for lotsa years. I use Chrome or Opera and AD Block but not AD Block Plus. Gad, it just never stops. Ad Block once upon a time - now plus. Is that free or a fee? Thanks for input.
  9. While I dp appreciate your input, I must ask the question - what is one to do if safe browsing practices are in order. i have been attacked once and MBAM rescued me. I personally have up-to-date Windows security , up to date Anti-virus, (Avast), and up to date MBAM. I don't stray into strange areas (porn, free stuff, etc) and yet I was attacked. I remember the link to this day, Ringo Starr's son playing the drums - or some such nonsense. I was using the free version of MBAM and I was able to activate it to stop this thing. I promptly purchased the full version. I have not had any such attacks in the year's since - been at least since March of 2010 when I installed it. So the bottom line is, the web is a dangerous place and as you said, can't protect 100% of 100% for 100%. Boy is that annoying. Just had to lay all of that out. Thanks again for all your help and comments. Dublin70
  10. Thanks so much for the complete answer(s). I am going to send her your info, D.D. with the helpful links and tell her to buy MBAM ASAP. (land of acronyms). Even if the scam wasn't stopped, she would have access to the expertise found on this site. Thanks again.
  11. A friend today was scammed by a firm who was going to charge her $400 to fix viruses, malware, etc. She had innocently browsed to a site which suddenly had a popup saying she had many problems. "Call this # and we will fix your problems". In her panic, she called the #, and after talking to a smooth operator, she gave them her cc#. She called me and I told her to put a stop on the cc# - that she had been scammed. My question is: Would MWB have stopped this popup? and since she did not have MWB, what should she do now to see what was downloaded to her pc. They did have control of it for about 10 minutes. BTW, I told her to buy MWB. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/input. Dublin 70.
  12. yes. exactly. So -- should I not have all those MWB exclusions for Avast and in reverse, the Avast exclusions for MWB? Thanks. Thanks for clear, graphics to explain the how to for this. Really appreciate. Dublin70
  13. Addendum to my first msg: I went to Avast site and even tho the post regarding the subject was not the same conflict, they said other conflicts with MWB were causing problems with Avast. They advised putting about 5 different MWB line entries into the Avast exclusions list. I did that - I am still not comfortable having the Avast line in the exclusion list on MWB. Any thoughts?? Thanks.
  14. Premium mwb - latest version - The popup states: C:\programfile\avast software\avast\avastsvc.exe -- should I put this into the "web exclusions" list? It is my anti-virus program so not sure what to do. Haven't seen this until yesterday. Thanks for help.
  15. Thank you all for inputs. Daledoc especially -- a thorough and concise answer to my questions. I feel much better about the free version now knowing it can help me detect and remove malware should it be necessary - even though it does not provide real time protection, it's there for me should I need it . I do run a manual scan once a week. Hope that is enough. Thanks again --,