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  1. Hi folks, I was just wondering, can I scan unopened archived files (zip,rar etc.) with the context menu scan? Thanks.
  2. I have the same issues as John A. Disabling protection allows me to use IE11 or a reboot can enable IE11 to function with MBAE protection on, then maybe 2-3 weeks later the problem re-occurs.
  3. Thanks for your reply.
  4. I'm using MBAM and noticed while performing a Threat scan that it jumped from 1,000 objects to 44,000 objects in the space of a second while scanning the registry. Is this normal?
  5. Thanks for the input, folks. I'm a long time user of MBAM, and have installed paid versions on all my families computers, so I will try this free version of MBAE out.
  6. Hi, Does Malwarebytes Anti Exploit conflict with Kaspersky Internet Security 2015? I understand Kaspersky uses Automatic Exploit Prevention, but I have heard it is a different method to prevent exploits that MBAE uses. Would I have to turn Kaspersky's Automatic Exploit Prevention off or are there users on this forum that use both with no problems? Thanks.
  7. I have Scan within archives turned off and was wondering, will MBAM Real-time Malware Protection still block malware that may be hidden within an archive I choose to extract?
  8. Hi guys, I'm probably opening myself up to look like a complete idiot here, but I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, and it has this new Metro/Modern interface. I've been using Malwarebytes Pro/Premium for years and was wondering will MBAM protect against any rogue apps that might accidentally be installed via the Modern interface version, or does it only protect against rogue PUP's installed via the conventional desktop interface, and does MBAM also scan the folders of these Modern App locations? Thanks.
  9. Yes, I've made the exclusions for MSE and MBAM. Just wanted to know if MBAE needed any. Thanks guys!
  10. I'm thinking of adding Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit to my mother's computer. She has MSE and MBAM PRO, and I was wondering, are there any exclusion rules I have to add, or will it work as-is?
  11. When Malwarebytes adds PUP's, say for example Babylon Toolbar or Conduit, are these companies software monitored for new versions of their PUP's so as to detect any new registry keys, files, and folders the new installers may add?
  12. Hi Firefox, Yes, that is exactly what happened with me. There were two boxes pre-checked. One was for opting in to install the Divx Toolbar, and the other was for opting in to install and have Conduit as the default search engine. I unchecked them, but when I ran MBAM it detected Conduit in the temp folder. It was like the files were waiting gleefully for when an unsuspecting user would choose to install the bundled PUP's and they could begin the nefarious installation. Many users on the Divx forums are expressing their dissatisfaction with this bundle of PUPS. I wouldn't mind so much if on choosing not to install said PUP's all the Conduit files were then automatically deleted from the temp folder and registry, but they aren't, and that to me is unacceptable.