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  1. exile360 Sorry for the delay, I didn't see your answer . As I said in my first message, it's not my machine. I'll try to see if the softwares you mentionned are installed. Anyway, I would like to thank you for these informations, it would be precious for another time. Goodbye
  2. hello, The problem was resolved with this .reg I don't know why MBAM can't set the default value. thanks
  3. hello, First apologies my english, I'm french I have a question for a registry key :
  4. Hello Falkra Thanks for your fast answer, I understand that only the resident module of paid version can do that. But the relationship with mbam is not clear. But some tells the bandwidth change when they unistall mbam ? Is there an explication ?
  5. Hello First, I'm french, so apologize my poor english. Because of that, I didn't find if it's already said or in the FAQ. On a french forum, there's a small rumour that Malwarebytes (and even the free version) reduce the internet speed and needs too much resources process on windows 7 I don't believe a word and I have no explanation. Have you even heard this strange thing ? Thanks