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  1. Same as Wilpower I've no issues whatsoever with on Win8.1 64x
  2. cmrplus if you are not actually contributing to what this topic is about then I'd suggest you refrain from trolling and posting unrelated nonsense
  3. Ron you are quite welcome to join in the topics over at the avast forums, Malwarebytes is frequently recommended on the avast forum and is one of the first tools we advise users to run when problems arise, I honestly cant see you having an issue with posting there. Malwarebytes is a complimentary program to run with or alongside avast and is not in direct competition.
  4. They don't seem to have a good experience with being heard on this forum previously so cant be bothered The main issue is that systems with lower screen resolution cant re-size the advanced scan setting screen making it impossible to change options and schedule scans, this is quite a poor over site that requires fixing asap.
  5. Firefox I haven't noticed anything else yet, just some performance benefits so far. It was mentioned on another forum that the required ram usage and disc space needed has been reduced with this release, I don't have a clue how much disc space was used previously but there is definitely better memory optimisations - my usual pre average memory usage was 11% where now it sits comfortably on 7% with 2 tabs open in IE.
  6. The update has gone through well for me and well worth it as the included performance benefits have reduced the MBAMService usage by more than half for me on 64bit, from 128Mb down to 49Mb.
  7. Yep, there is no change.
  8. Sorry I meant RC strange they released the RC version which still has issues with exclusions replicating and scheduled scan times changing, I think from memory when I brought up the scan times changing before the answer I received was it varies up to 10 or 15 minutes depending on something or rather - at this moment the scheduled scan time is 24 minutes out of sync with the set time The General settings tab still has it's issues as well.
  9. I managed to find the correct download link but it's still the same version number as the last beta
  10. Though Malwarebytes may detect some form viruses your AV might have missed it is not an Anti-Virus and is designed to work in conjunction with an AV, it does not and will not replace an AV.
  11. I'm getting the same block happening here as well, quite obvious it's a false pos being over such a broad scale of users
  12. Hi dpwarb, Malwarebytes has never been reported in the action centre so this is normal, you can tell the action centre not to monitor spyware applications if you are receiving the warning in the flag at bottom left. I would have thought that if Iobit was the Ultimate system care it would also include spyware protection and report itself in the action centre as protecting this area as well.
  13. All running well here, the news within the UI update area still references 1.65 as the latest
  14. Yes I had already placed all the exclusions Firefox, it's always the first thing I do whenever installing any security software but it made no difference to the shutdown issue, I guess win8 is just too new at the moment so whether it's one of the programs or my drivers who knows but there all the latest available. Do note that the firewall is outpost and the AV is Defender which is active, once avast gets itself sorted that will be re-installed
  15. I've just tried a few different scenarios and the problem disappears when I uninstall Outpost and set MBAM back to realtime, seems to only be a problem when there both active so for now I'll do without Outpost so you can close this topic if you like. Thankyou for your help