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  1. Ignore that little part. I had been clicking on the white space below the items and didn't realize you already have that feature-- if I right-click over any listed item.
  2. When I ran a flash scan using MBAM 1.50, it gave me the following results: By default, all of the items found to have been possible malicious registry entries/files were checked. Just glancing at the results I knew what they were and wanted to ignore them all. When I clicked "Ignore", a MessageBox alerted me to select an item to ignore. I figured that checked == selected, however when using the Ignore button it thinks checked !== selected; selected == highlighted. Authors, could you please fix it to where items that are checked are presumed to be the selected items that I want ignored much like if I were to have just clicked the "Remove Selected" button (which would've taken care of removing all those which were checked). Also, could maybe include a way to quickly check-all or uncheck-all? Either an option via right-clicking within the results window or a button somewhere. Thanks. Aside for the minor details that may need some tweaking you have a stellar product. Keep up the great work!
  3. When check the checkbox to "Enable protection module" it turns gray (option disabled) and enables the 4 other options: Start protection module with Windows. Start file.. Start malicious... Show tooltip... I don't know if it's me but how do you turn off the protection module once you enable it (check it) without restarting Windows?