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  1. +1 Nothing works to Update.
  2. To the Forum Experts: How do you guys decide WHEN to Recommend System Restore? I Speak for WIN 7 ONLY - but it SAVED several of us who chose to post - maybe many more. My Browsers wouldn't work, Office wouldn't function, etc., and SR got it all back (had to Re-Do Win Updates). GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
  3. My Win 7 System Restore made 2010 Office work again. You should name your OS and what steps you've done so far, what works... so a more tailored answer can be given to you.
  4. My Win 7 System Restore left NOTHING in Quarantine to Restore - BUT the Main point is That Win 7 System Restore (to April 10 for me) WORKS. I had No Working Browsers, could Not Open WORD doc to even See my MBAM ID/Key, and Best Buy (my Plan B) wanted $200 Min. Thanks exile360 for Correcting an Earlier Post that System Restore Might make things Worse! Maybe it could, but for several of us it did not - and with Fx 20 and IE10 Not working I was in deep Do-Do with No Great Expertise at this stuff.
  5. NO working Browsers, couldn't Open ANY Documents to Find My ID & Key, and read earlier System Restore could make things worse. THEN, exile360 posted TRYING System Restore in Win 7 and it WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Buy wanted $200 Min (my Plan B) as I was afraid the Fix wouldn't work in My case. Pls don't let this happen again! Good Luck to All!
  6. Really appreciate it!
  7. From the Download Link I get changing Dnload sites each attempt - IF I can make it stay on that page without quickly switching to other pages. IS THAT the way it's done now (ie) No Download Site of its own? Scared of Download sites I'm Not familiar with. Many Thanks!
  8. With MBAM Pro Real-time Protect "On" (my bad) I got a"Failed Install" for the New ESET ESS V6. - ESET no longer appeared in my Start/All Programs to access "Uninstall". Can't recall IF I Disabled MBAM Real-time on prior ESS upgrades, and the Big Question is IF Real-Time being "ON" is the Entire Issue. Another post-er stated that by Un-installing MBAM (Pro/Free not indicated) his V6 Upgrade worked BUT he had to use the ESET Manual Uninstaller first. In my case, JUST by Uninstalling MBAM Pro and nothing else, on Re-Boot the ESET Icon appeared in the clock area Sys tray with an "i", a Re-boot was suggested, and upon completion the entire Install appeared as OK - and ESET was in Start/All Programs. Just witnessed an Auto-update of the ESS Virus Database, so it's working so far. I have no idea IF I can Re-install MBAM Pro but will open a ticket. This is just an FYI for ESS Users wanting to upgrade to ESS V6. At Least turn Real-Time Protection to "Disabled"......................
  9. Thanks for the clarification and education -- I've disabled my Preview Pane as result.
  10. Duly noted. Remember that I actually was Getting the Pop-up JUST by 1-Clk Hi-lighting the Email to see it in Read Pane. I'm racking my brain trying to remember IF I Clk'd a Link to see the eBill but I'll definitely access it in the future from the company Bookmark vs. email link. They weren't staffed to talk to me in the IT Dept but I'm already hiding in the bushes waiting for next month's email. Will post with Good data if same occurs. Thanks again to all.
  11. Really appreciate the Replies. I unfortunately panicked at the constant repeat of the pop-ups and Deleted the email B4 I could think to capture the Message Source Data. If it occurs again I'll capture it and complete the FP section as you've suggested. All the best!
  12. For the 1st time ever I got an "MBAM Blocked This Poentially Malicious Website" pop-up whenever I [1-Left-Clk ] Hi-lighted the AlaGasCo email in the Inbox stating my home's (gas) eBill was avaialble for viewing. A few Googles of the IP revealed Russian and/or Budapest sources. In these cases is the email almost surely a PHISH email from Another source that just looks like the Gas Co's email? I haven't gotten Another Gas Co email about the eBill as I should, so I'm wondering, as well, HOW the "Pop-up from just Hi-lighting the email" can become part of a company's genuine email. Any thoughts?
  13. I went ahead and Entered all (12) MBAM Paths in ESS and the Two for ESET in MBAM Ignore. An ESET Moderator has posed a question in that Forum and I'll see where that goes Before getting the Nerve to have MBAM Load with Windows again with Exclusions in place (I'll Disable SuperAS from Loading at Boot). Will Update ASAP. I'm Still assuming IF it locks up the Desktop again that There is NO Registry Tweak to UN-Check "Enable Protection Module" that I believe causes everything to Gray-Out and Lock-Up. In normal times, when I Check "Enable, all the Other Settings Choices Become dark/Active. "Thanks!
  14. Wow. That's Good Information. I'll ask the ESET Forum about One Path-Does-All or if each entry is Requ'd. Will enter the suggestions in MBAM Ignore. I still don't know IF there is a Reg Fix if I do this and MBAM locks up the Desktop again. I'll hope for the best. Many, Many Thanks!