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  1. Hi there, I run windows vista and I have nod32 installed with spybot search and restore too, and now bought malwarebytes Just few days i got infected with ave.exe, and did a system restore the symproms went for a while, then a few days after I noticed that when I make a search on google using firefox 3.5.9 I find that the links in the search result take me to different websites other than the search result links. Sometimes to a page that asks me to scan my system, and I just close it. At the same time my antivirus alert notifies me that it has blocked some ips and after doing a system restore or after using malwarebytes, not sure, but I think the redirect problem is gone, however I still get the notice that about the blocked ips and my system is always slow and yesterday I got an alert from malwarebyte that ave.exe wanted to start on the system and was shut down seems its still there.my computer is slowly crippling:( thanks for the help in advance ps: the GMER Rootkit Scanner couldnt run even in safemode thanks a million Attach.txt DDS.txt mbam_log_2010_04_18__16_05_27_.txt