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  1. by putting a new os on there would delete my files and history? wouldn't a reball be better though?
  2. wow more expensive to get another motherboard then, because it needs another OS in your pc exp, is it possible to take out my old gpu and put an upgrade it if the gpu is bad? also thought about the putting in an external video card but that doesn't make sense since you have to bring the external card around so the laptop is not portable
  3. i wanted to possibly get another motherboard but there was talk about getting intel gpu card, I thought the OS info would be left in the harddrive not the motherboard, guess i was wrong
  4. theres also the option to drill a hole and put a bolt in the video card this link talks about lead and non lead stuff there is a talk about lead free and leaded
  5. don't worry cwb I know you mean well ok sounds weird and silly but I still can't decide what to do, I thought about the switching out motherboard thing david but I still think it will give me the problem again that's why these links got me the idea to switch to better motherboard or perhaps do a reball or reflow
  6. what do you mean by not the card? I am guessing you are warning me on if I do this reflow myself
  7. sorry been busy, I wanted to do the motherboard switch before but still I don't want to really take the risk on the solder melting again if thats the case for the laptop, though whats been scaring me was on how to take it apart
  8. I found that vid today as well, but yes I think that link should be on this thread, but the thing is I am unsure about installing the gpu with reflow or getting another motherboard, because this is a link that got me worried about the video card thank you David
  9. the notebook is a tx2000 hp and that, I am guessing the video module is the graphics card? I didn't understand your 2nd to last post which is the 6th post, but at least you admit to the mistake, like the one I did
  10. what is IC? I wish of buying another machine but this machine is important because it has my files, bookmarks and additional user accounts what I want to know mainly is, are there permanent fixes and how to tell if its the videocard or the motherboard or something else
  11. this is what I think if this is a official flyff download/file that this is a false detection and that malwarebyte should fix this result
  12. the laptop has power but nothing appears on the screen, I switched the memory sticks around so its not them and I tried to hook the laptop to an external monitor and nothing appears so I want to see what is going on and if i need to do a reflow or a reball is there a permanent way to do it?
  13. I just wanted to post an update that the browser seems to normal as I am new to the forum here. I also to get help on bleepingcomputer and wanted to thank you all for your help. Here is the link on what steps I went through to get rid of the hijacking.