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  1. @1PW and shadowwar: Thank you again for your excellent help and taking the time and effort to do so. It is puzzling why this problem suddenly started with the July 14 definitions database. I still can't help but think it's related to the new version of MBAM that was released at that time. But like you said, it is possible that it's also related to an Avira AntiVir definitions update(s). Yes, I fully agree that AntiVir is an excellent antivirus software package. It's my first choice and I've installed it on numerous systems over the years. The only drawback I've noticed is it does tend to generate some false positives, more so than other antivirus software.
  2. Thank you for all of the help and advice. The mutual exclusions settings in Avira and MBAM seem to have done the trick. Here are some interesting observations I've made during extensive testing of various configurations: I was able to successfully complete a quick system scan after updating MBAM to the July 15 definitions and disabling Avira AntiVir Guard real-time system protection. Enabling AntiVir real-time protection caused the hard system lockup during MBAM quick scan. However, updating MBAM to the latest July 18 definitions (database version 7193) caused the quick system scan to hard freeze and lock up even with AntiVir real-time protection disabled. Only the mutual exclusion settings seem to work for the latest definitions database.
  3. Good points. And yes, I was about to try exactly that (disabling Avira real-time system protection). I'll report back on my results. Thank you again for your advice and help!
  4. Correction: July 14 definitions update, not July 15. As I've mentioned, reverting back to the July 12 definitions eliminates these hard freezes/lockups, even with the updated version of MBAM.
  5. Thanks. I will study and try the exclusions. Still, it's highly puzzling why these lockups started with the July 15 definitions. Everything was fine up to the July 12 update.
  6. At that time (2 to 3 mins into the quick scan), MBAM is always scanning the \Windows\system32 folder and/or subfolder. Again, no particular file or folder is the root cause of the hard freeze/lockup. Hope this helps.
  7. @shadowwar: The hard freezes occur at totally random points during the quick system scan. I have not been able to isolate any particular file at all, but it always occurs between 2 and 3 mins into the scan. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thank you for the referenced link. FYI, I just updated to the latest July 16 definitions and the hard system lockup/freeze occurred yet again 2 mins and 30 secs into the quick system scan.
  9. Dear 1PW, again thank you for your reply but I also fear we're going around in circles. I fully understood the updating of the definitions database and not the main application program itself. And again, your referenced "exclusion entries" are not needed with the July 12 definitions database and should not been needed for any future definitions update. Finally, yes, as I've stated several times, I am running the latest version of MBAM. Hopefully these hard lockups/freezes will be resolved in a future bug-fixed definitions database update.
  10. I just read your edit about the definitions database being modified 19 times on July 14. That adds more evidence to my increasing suspicion that the new definitions being modified to account for the new version of MBAM, with significant bugs and problems still being worked out. Hopefully this problem will eventually be resolved with a future definitions update.
  11. Thanks again for your reply, 1PW. My antivirus application is Avira AntiVir 10. I still do not fully understand the "reciprocal exclusions" issue but I have an idea what you mean. However, it still does not explain why the July 12 definitions database works perfectly without any problems then suddenly I started getting the hard system freezes/lockups starting with the July 14 definitions. It just occurred to me that perhaps the July 14 and subsequent definitions have been modified in some way for the new version of MBAM that was released on July 14, and that's the root cause of this problem.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, 1PW. I do not understand what you mean by "reciprocal exclusions". I did read the FAQ and specifically Section L but it did not provide any helpful insight into why this particular hard freeze ONLY happens with database definitions AFTER July 12. Ditto with the previously mentioned "reciprocal exclusions"... why would these need to be entered now as opposed to on July 12?
  13. MBAM will consistently freeze and completely lock up my system (Windows XP SP3) between 2 to 3 minutes into a quick system scan, requiring a hard reboot (ctrl-alt-del does not work). I found this problem started with the July 14 definitions database. Reverting back to the July 12 definitions eliminates the hard lockup and allows completion of the quick system scan (usually just under 4 minutes). The July 15 definitions also consistently causes the same hard lockup. I've updated MBAM to during this time so it's definitely a definitions database issue as opposed to a program issue. Thanks for any feedback or advice. I will continue to use the July 12 definitions until this problem is hopefully resolved.
  14. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I initially misunderstood DukeW74's reply but as I stated in my previous post, I did try to change Windows file associations for .txt files to TheGUN without success before I resorted to the brute force replacement option. I will retry playing around with that technique again soon and I'll report my results. By the way, how are y'all able to edit your posts? I wanted to do that several times but I didn't see a way to do so.
  15. I appreciate your reply, Arthur. I initially did change Windows file associations for .txt files from Notepad to TheGUN but got various cryptic errors. As I recall, a blank TheGUN window would open but there was a error message saying something like the text file couldn't be found. Finally I gave up and used the brute force replacement advice given by numerous websites for installing Notepad alternatives and it eventually worked (except for the case of MBAM, of course). I might go back and try playing around with the file associations again to see if I can get it to work. Thanks again!