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  1. sorry, nope 32bit
  2. i get an error message saying an error occurred. please report the following error code to the malwarebytes' anti-malware support team. error code: 723 (2, 0) im running vista and just downloaded the newest mbam-setup off the site thanks for any help
  3. i dont care if it doesnt have registry support, all i want is the ability to right click the windows folder and hit scan with mbam like i do when i install mbam regularly.
  4. if i had a list of the files and the path specificly that mbam was looking for them at i could patch something together. i know there are tons of people out there that would love to see a bartpe compatible version of this great app. and soon people will be movin to vistape because its better. so any more help or details would be great
  5. um, use at work, not use to work i havent been able to get it to work on partpe or vistape, im just wondering if there is anything i can try to get it to work. does this error mean that the database cant be found, is mbam looking for the data relitave to its path or does it install somewhere weird?
  6. I am putting together a VistaPE disk to use at work and i would like to add mbam to it. However i have never been able to get it into barpe and it is now also giving me an error in VistaPE too. the error is Error loading database. #0. (0). i have tried the manual update mbam-rules, but it didn't fix. any help would be great , this is the best tool i have found for making my job a crapload easier, it replaced spybot for me