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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay. Something came up yesterday. It seems to be running much better, no pop ups and there doesn't seem to be any sign of Antimalware Doctor so far. Here is OTL log: Thankd again for your help
  2. I have done as requested: OTL: Malwarebytes: ESET Log: Thanks
  3. Hello, thanks for your reply. I have run both programs. THe OTL log is as follows: And extras as follows:
  4. Hi, I recently managed to attract Antimalware Doctor. I did a google on how to remove it and followed the instructions....used rkill and then malwarbytes. It found 6 threats and then I thought it had disappeared. After reboot, Antimalware Doctor popped up again. I ran malwarebytes again and it's telling me that there are no threats, even though I can see Antimalware Doctor. One thing to note, for some reason, Malwarbytes crashes everytime I try to update! Original Malwarebytes log.... And second most recent log: Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!