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  1. Hello Kent Thanks for your reply. I uninstalled v.1.03 from my wife's laptop (Vista) because RoboForm no longer worked. At the same time I uninstalled it from my desktop (Windows 7 64 bit) although I hadn't experienced any issues. It was more a case of "just in case". In view of the improvements you've mentioned I'll give the new version a try. Best regards
  2. I looked at that list before posting but as it says it's current for version 1.03, I wondered whether 1.04 had fixed any of them.
  3. Hi When I used version 1.03 of MBAE, there was a conflict with RoboForm Has this been resolved in this latest version?
  4. Hi I've had to uninstall MBAE from my wife's laptop (Vista and IE9) as RoboForm no longer works. Would you please add this to your list of conflicts. I've not encountered any issues with MBAE and RoboForm on my PC (Windows 7 and IE11).
  5. Should I uninstall my copy of 1.75 pro and then install 2.0 premium, or install 2.0 premium over the top of 1.75 pro?
  6. Same thing here every time I go to google.co.uk or google.com using IE11 or Chrome.
  7. Same as patc, Google IPs being blocked 8 mins after scheduled update from 2014.02.07.05 to 2014.02.08.04. MSE and MBAM scans show PC as clean. After all this time, it would be nice if someone from Malwarebytes could expand on this issue.
  8. Just updated my database and still getting the blocking messages.
  9. My database is up-to-date but I'm still getting these ip blocking messages.
  10. Hi When using Google I occasionally get the mbam message "Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website: (also for and I believe these are Google ip addresses. Are these FPs?
  11. Sorry, just seen craigb's previous post regarding the above.
  12. Just a minor observation. The Update window, under Latest news, still refers to 1.65 version release.
  13. Hi daledoc1 Thanks for your response. I'll give it a try. jamjar
  14. Hi I've recently switched to Kaspersky AV 2013. Before I enable the protection module of MBAM PRO, I’d like to hear if anyone here runs it alongside KAV 2013. I’ve already added exclusions in both products. Would unchecking the heuristics component of MBAM make it less likely to conflict? My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit. Thanks.
  15. I'm using IE9. I can't find a setting like the one in Firefox but i'm not getting the problem on other websites.