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  1. Thanks a lot for the update for MBAM Works great and all the bugs fixed
  2. Thanks Firefox. I choose the MalwareBytes wallpaper and Your Antivirus needs a wingman with 2560x1440. This size looks good on my laptop.
  3. Greeting MBAM team and other moderators! Which wallpaper size for the malwarebytes antimalware pictures will be right for my laptop. My current resolution is 1366x768? Thanks in advance
  4. OMG!!!! That's so awesome Ron . I would like to go to that place only if I knew where that place is haha
  5. Good morning and thanks Ron
  6. Thanks Sir Marcin and to all the MBAM team. Successfully updated to the the new version MBAM Free Edition 2.0.1. Updated it over 2.0.0 Thanks for the new update. A very happy MBAM Free user
  7. I am confused .That's for MBAM 1.75 where u can do seperate update for program updates and definitions updates? I don't see any of those in MBAM 2.0 Free Edition? Any info will be very much appreciated? Like Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition and for Pro Edition it has transparent program updates so it will automatically install program updates (when available) and it will work without having to rely on user's actions. So I thought MBAM are following these sorts of system.
  8. Thanks for all the information . For me Add/remove works just fine I just always make sure it deletes all the folders and files that the add/remove method doesn't do sometimes. So I use Revo so it will uninstall the program along with other folders and files. Next time I will use the MBAM Clean Removal Process By the way, do we need to run the MBAM Clean Removal Process on safe mode, because many antivirus software removal tool have to run it on windows safe mode?
  9. Oh okay fair enough, I can deal with that . I uninstalled MBAM 1.75 Free Edition via Revo Uninstaller, restarted my laptop, and installed MBAM 2.0 Free Edition. I did the same for my desktop.
  10. What do u mean by that?
  11. Oh I see. Thanks.
  12. In the new version of MBAM 2.0 Free Edition I can't do a right - click scan on folders and files. I have to open up MBAM program in order to do that? Is this a new behavior or a bug? In MBAM 1.75 I was able to do a right-click scan on folders and files from my computer, usb, and my external hard disk...
  13. Oh one another thing about new program version update will the new MBAM 2.0 program updates be transparent or will it be included with the database version? In the settings list it doesn't say anything about program versions updates?
  14. Oh I am sorry! Didn't realize it.... Won't happen again