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  1. Hello, I have to apologize from the outset that I don't have any logs to show. My computer, running Windows 7, started locking up a week ago. I have run anti-virus (MSE), and it come up clean. I ran MBAM a few days ago--came up clean, but couldn't make a log because the infection ate Notepad. When I boot up, it will let me go into Safe Mode about half the time, the other half it just freezes. When I do get it to boot, it will run for maybe 2-3 minutes before it locks up again. I've tried booting with the recovery discs, but it doesn't seem to work all that well. It will attempt a fix, then reboot itself. Some of the warnings I have received were, "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key" and "Status: 0xc00000e9 An unexpected i/o error has occurred." Whatever this infection is, it seems to crash Windows Explorer a lot. I bought this computer (HP6310y) in March and have made no additions to the configuration. I know I'm leaving you without a handicap without an HJT log, but do you have any suggestions on how I should proceed?