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  1. thank you so much daledoc for your help. Much appreciated.
  2. hello folks. Any idea how i find the windows hostfile in windows 7 please.? Many thanks.
  3. I think i can safely say that superantispyware is one of the fastest scanners out there. Its also one of the first programs i ever install on a computer.Its a definate must have program. It seems to be getting better all the time. Nice job superantispyware.!
  4. Wow that looks awesome.much better. Is it also the free version which gets this update.?
  5. hi. i eventually un-installed secunia. I visited their website and apparently a new version was released yesterday. Ive installed this new version and it appears to be running just fine now. yes it has been a good year so far.lets hope the rest is just as good. happy new year to you also. many thanks.
  6. Hi it is on 100% for quite awhile,well continuously in fact. It never did this when i first installed.Its a pity because i like this program and im thinking of un-installing if it continues because it will not scan properly when the cpu is at full stretch. ive visited the secunia forum and it appears to be a common problem amongst users. It has to be a bug of some sort. regards.
  7. Hello has anybody tried the new secunia psi v2.0? ive got it installed but it maxes the cpu out everytime i open the window. I just wondered if anybody else was experiencing this and had an solution. many thanks.
  8. What a ridiculous thing to say. first off iobit were caught stealing red-handed so how can malwarebytes be damaging its reputation by protecting its own products against theft? more reliable software you mention..comodo quite dubious as of late.hitman pro.mmm doubtful. If anything it has made malwarebytes a stronger product. regards.
  9. Hi i often find that windows itself does indicate when a device is not working properly notably with an exclamation mark and does give the opportunity to update the device driver in device manager. Im a bit weary of updating them especially on the 64-bit machine which is fairly new. Sometimes you have to take a chance in life and ive been fairly lucky so far but the next update may kill my machine. "if it isnt broke theres no way in hell im fixing it !!" many thanks.
  10. Hello yeah i only install digitally signed drivers.But i have heard from various sources regarding drivermax that even those cant be trusted. I have been lucky with drivermax so far in regards to my 64-bit computer but im going to just use the vendors website from now on. personally i dont trust 3rd party driver software. im only going to install drivers when absolutely needed. Im re=installing windows on the 32-bit as i cant think of any other way around. many thanks.
  11. hi CWB, yes lol they are very much related. i have two laptops one 64-bit and the 32-bit machine. I used drivermax and installed a logitech driver and an adapter driver and now the mouse and keyboard wont work. So much for trying to do the right thing,I can see a re-install of windows happening. if i could bypass the login screen i would be fine. many thanks to you.
  12. Hi ive got a problem with my windows vista 32-bit computer. the computer is starting up ok and getting as far as the log in screen but i cant input any information as the keyboard has gone totally dead!! The mouse will not work. Is there any way i can salvage this through safe mode to get to a system restore point without having to log in.? I have restore points on the computer but i want to access and use them without having to log-in.Is this possible to do.? please help. many thanks.
  13. Hello, just a question regarding device drivers. is it absolutely essential that these are updated? I know its a strange thing to ask but if the physical state of your computer hardware doesnt change then why update the drivers.? I bought a brand new laptop about 3 months ago and it works fine.I make no changes to the hardware at all so why do i need to update drivers.? Personally i dont trust 3rd party driver installation software,i would sooner use the manufacturers website to update if i have to at all. The best program wpuld seem to be drivermax although again i dont trust these programs. "if it isnt broken then why try to fix it!!" many kind regards.
  14. Ive got about nearly 600mb of windows temp files on my 32-bit computer as i recently re-installed windows. Can these be deleted or do they have something to do with windows update. many thanks.
  15. Hello, Im going to ask a silly question here but ive created a bootable anti-virus rescue cd called sardu. I put the cd in my disk drive and re-boot.But nothing happens. Is there something i should be doing during re-boot? Please help. many thanks.