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  1. What I get when I try and use the Malware programme is the following... Spy Detector seems to come on when it is scheduled to do so, and has quarantined some things, but not if I try and run it. Norton, when it comes on as scheduled, encounters and error and has to close. I tried the panda link and that started to run, then seems to have stalled on one file. It's been in the same place for over an hour and only 29% into my system, but found 17 malware proplems before going black screen on me. This is where I got the beast from and the emailed receipt...
  2. I have ended up with this and it seems to be causing me all manner of problems, including not being able to download anything recommended here that will deal with it. I've been going around in circles since last night when a Windows (or so I thought) message took me to a site for downloads, and like an idiot (which I am when it comes to techi stuff) I downloaded it and another anti spy/ad ware programme along with the AV Pro. I was having problems with the PC suddenly restarting in the middle of things previously, but this PC is now almost impossible to use now. My machine runs in XP Home Office. Can anyone help, please? It's not allowig me to download Malware etc.