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  1. exile360 Many thanks for your response. I am not sure I wholly understand what you require, but here goes: I reset my schedules to run from 25th November as follows: Update = 0700 hours/hourly; Quick scan = 0700 hours/daily; Full scan = 0700 Hours/weekly. 'Recover if missed by:' is set to 4 hours in each case. Here is my protection log file from yesterday: 09:22:17 Marion MESSAGE Protection started successfully 09:22:23 Marion MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 10:01:38 Bob MESSAGE Scheduled update executed successfully 10:01:38 Bob MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 10:01:47 Bob MESSAGE Database updated successfully 10:01:49 Bob MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 12:22:07 Marion MESSAGE Protection started successfully 12:22:12 Marion MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 18:04:41 Bob MESSAGE Protection started successfully 18:04:46 Bob MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 19:01:37 Bob MESSAGE Scheduled update executed successfully 19:01:37 Bob MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 19:01:45 Bob MESSAGE Database updated successfully 19:01:48 Bob MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully Updates appear to be working, but not the scans. I do not know whether any other factors in Malwarebytes' setup (what boxes should be checked, or not, for example) affect the implementation of the quick and full scans. Please let me know if you require any further information.
  2. m41j6 Both your problem and the suggested solution for it are the same as I have had recently. Then, it seems, once the standard fix has been tried with no positive outcome, everything becomes quiet, with no further suggestions.
  3. noknojon I regret to report that altering 'Recover if missed by:' does not appear to have resolved my issue after all, and that the Malwarebytes' scan started only because I added new details. Since then, no daily quick scans have run automatically. I have deleted schedules, added new schedules with changed dates and times, and various hours for 'Recover if missed by:', all to no avail. Certainly, a search on 'Recover if missed by:' does seem to reveal I am far from alone in having difficulties.
  4. noknojon Many thanks for helping me. I didn't quite understand how 'Recover if missed by:' worked, but that appears to have been the issue. I set the update and quick and full scans to 23 (on the basis that I might not boot the computer from one day to the next), and Malwarebytes automatically started a quick scan immediately - even without me restarting the computer. One further thing that small brains like mine do not figure out immediately is that it is no use changing the intervals on existing schedules; they have to be deleted and new ones created with the new intervals. A 'Save' or 'Save changes' button on the dialog box might be useful. With regards, Bob
  5. yardbird Thanks for your concern. No, the automatic scans are not working OK. With regards, Bob
  6. noknojon Many thanks for your prompt response to my post last week. I carried out your instructions for Windows XP completely the very next day. I recognised the difference: my previous schedules had disappeared. I entered my ID and Key, and set up new schedules for a daily update and quick scan and a weekly full scan as of the time and date in the 'Starting:' box in the Scheduler. Until today, my computer was not booted at the time scheduled for the update and scans. But no update or scan took place whenever I did boot the computer, which I thought was strange, and that it should do so. Today, I was present with the computer booted at the time for the update and quick scan and nothing happened. The update is as of 16th November when I open Malwarebytes from the system tray, although I had the feeling that was not the case when I previously opened Malwarebytes from the desktop - perhaps I am mistaken. I have the 'Enable protection module' box checked in the 'Protection' window, and the 'Log' window does show a protection-log text file for every day since last Tuesday, the 9th. I should be grateful for your or anyone else's assistance. One word of caution to others, if I may: in uninstalling, cleaning and reinstalling Malwarebytes, all previous logs are lost, which I hadn't the foresight to appreciate, and which I personally would have liked to copy and keep as a record.
  7. I had an internet data usage issue in September that could have been caused by a Trogan, but which was resolved within a few days. Since then, however, my scheduled update and scans do not take place at any time, although they did when I first registered with Malwarebytes on 23rd July. I set up a daily update and quick scan, and weekly full scan on that date. That information still displays in the Scheduler, even following uninstallation and reinstallation of the software, but no automatic update or scans occur. No boxes are checked for 'Scan' or 'Update' in the Scheduler. 'Recover if missed by:' is set to 0 hours and 'Repeating every:' is set to 1 day. The Protection tab states, "Thankyou for your purchase. You may enable the protection module below.". 'Enable protection module' and its box are greyed out, but the box is checked. I rely upon manual update and scans for the moment, which is not really acceptable to me. I should appreciate any assistance to have my update and scans occur automatically again.
  8. Haider and Firefox, I thank you for your replies. My data usage recently is as follows: May: 1.2GB June: 1.65GB July: 4.59GB Aug (so far) 3.42GB, with a typical daily data usage of 300 to 400Mb My Malwarebytes is set up as follows: Updates: hourly Quick scan: daily Full scan: weekly I have a wireless router, but so far as security is concerned, I have deliberately not switched on my computer on two whole days and the data usage is measured in kilobytes on those occasions. Further, do the balloons that arrive every few seconds or so, it seems, advising me of a newly blocked website, not contribute to the data usage? Finally, so far as the scans are concerned, can they only occur when my computer is on? With regards, Bob Hawkins
  9. I have a 5GB monthly data limit with my Internet Service Provider. This has been ample for the past six years. I notice now, however, that I shall exceed my limit this month if I continue to use my computer to the same degree. The only thing that has changed recently so far as I am aware is my subscription to the paid version of Malwarebytes. Can this be the cause, and how can I tell? If so, what is anyone's suggested solution? With regards, Bob Hawkins