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  1. thanks, but I was asking for "guys" as a way to see what was most widely used/recognized, not just one person's locked post..unless those that were listed are THEEEEEE ones..lol
  2. I've been using McAfee for a few years now but thinking of changing after this years renewal is up. I'm leanung towards BitDefender..what do you guys use?
  3. I've had MBAM for a few years now (PHEW and glad as it kicked a$$ over the Vista Security 2012 virus) and I've been running it ever since. I've been also paying the yearly fee for McAfee..but now considering if this McAfee yearly thing is redundant? Is MBAM all I need for my virus/malware protection..? Or do I still need a virus protection service? (i.e. McAfee yearly service)
  4. OMG!! IT WORKED!!! You guys are awesome..opened up Chameleon and clicked the first program..computer went into the b/w configuration window..started to tell me that it is starting MBAM..then it found the virus..deleted it..got my computer back. I am so glad I got MBAM...love you guys!! :wub: :wub: :wub:
  5. I got this unfortuante virus also (Vista Security 2012) and managed to run one of those Chameleon programs and got Malaware to run (wow)..it's scanning right now..perhaps I'm jumping the gun..but will MBAM get rid of this "Vista Security 2012" virus from my computer?!?
  6. wpw..thanks..that worked..but seems like a bug..anyway thank you so much.
  7. Hi Exile, actually the "Save log file regardless of user settings." is ALREADY checked off..it looks like it's defaulted to do that..but it is STILL only saving the protection_log and not the mbag_log..
  8. I noticed in my "Logs" tab that I'm only getting the "protection_log" entries and not the "mbam_log" entries when I have scheduled scans. For example: 05:45:27 hmin MESSAGE Protection started successfully 05:45:31 hmin MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 05:45:31 hmin MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 05:45:33 hmin MESSAGE Database updated successfully 05:45:34 hmin MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 05:45:57 hmin MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 05:45:57 hmin MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 05:48:29 hmin MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 05:48:29 hmin MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully I'd like to get the the more thorough and familiar "protection_log" entries instead..is this not possible in the new update? is the "protection_log" entry the only log entry available now?
  9. You guys are doing an awesome job and MBAM is running smoothly on my Vista Home Premium. Everything seems to update perfectly, including the software updates, regularly. Thanks again.
  10. Sit tight..I'm in the exact same boat..I'm sure they're working on it.
  11. I notice that my "Start Protection" under the Protection tab ALWAYS needs to be turned on everyday. It just doesn't "stick". I also notice that while MBAM does the auto-scanning at the correct time (11:00 PM) it fails to see the internet connection for it to do updates (10:00 pm). I have checke my McAfee and it does have MBAM as an allowed program through the firewall. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled a clean version. Still the same. I'm running Vista Home Premium, 32 bit.
  12. ok..thought it was because I switched to FF.
  13. I just switched over to Firefox, BUT noticed that the manual updating is ALOT slower than when I hae IE. IE was almost instaneous. Is it the Firefox..or are things slow right now?