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  1. Well the first two regularly scheduled events - a Quick Scan ran at 6pm local time, and an update. So far no more errors in the Event Logs reflect no errors. I'm feeling as if the issue is resovled, but if not I can always start another thread. Thank you for the assist. MisterWeather
  2. Again, Thank you. That is what I get for reading posts after work at 1230 in the morning. Firewall. Antivirus. Exclusions, oh yes, I've heard of those... I looked at the services and mbamservice was set to the default actions, so I enabled restart after 1st and 2nd failure. Then I looked in the events log and sure enough - there were some failures. So, the mbam items are allowed and servces verified. I guess the original questions comes back to "why" as my print server is almost identical to this one (home builts from an on-line pc-parts company) and it seems to be fine. Hmmm... Will monitor and report back later today to see if scheduled runs occur. Thank you again. MisterWeather
  3. Okay thanks for the tip. Please expound on the "...check exclusions." I guess I'm missing something here. Misterweather
  4. Oops - Just because I've read the posts does not always mean I remember the instructions. I did the that both programs should be run... Be that as it may, here is the output from Doesn't Do Squat (I love programmer with a sense of humor) I failed to mention in my earlier post that I have built all the boxes I have mbam on and this one is the only system it's been acting up on. The other 3 boxes *seem* to be working OK and are configured with the same firewall / antivirus / spybot configurations. Makes lan & sys management easier. Thank again, and let me know if more info is needed. MisterWeather dds.txt attach.zip
  5. Greetings I too have been having the issue of scheduled scans and updates not running now for a few months. I have followed the instructions as posted here: I've done clean removals (twice) with varying results. The first time the scheduled processes ran for a few feeks then stopped. This past time everything ran automatically once then stopped. I can manually run updates and scans with no problem. Attached is the CHeckResults.txt file from the mbam-check program downloaded on 9/14/2013. Any help you may afford would be appreciated, and let me know if I can supply you with any additional information. MisterWeather Grand Forks ND CheckResults.txt