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  1. suddenly MWM iscontinuously blocking outgoing to It doesnt seem to have been mentioned in any forum as a FP or malware. when I try to trace it it shows as being in the depths of rural Kansas n.e of Wichita! any thoughts because I cant think of any untowards site I have visited that would suddenly cause this outgoing to pop up.
  2. to MysteryFCM Not being a geek or nerd, just a bog-standard internet user, can you tell me the meaning of part of your reply that is:- 'It's not to do with the program update, no. It's to do with the IPBL update and the AS responsible for the offending IPs being blocked, not doing their job.' Thanks for any response
  3. Hi Firefox and 1PW Am I an idiot or what! On checking Updater Settings I'd only checked both "Download and install program update if available" as well as "Notify me when a Program update is ready for installation" Poor old MWB didn't know what was going on! I unchecked "Notify me....." and all is as it should be. thanks again for help
  4. Hi 1PW Yes no problem whatsoever with manual updates.
  5. since I downloaded newest version of Malwarebytes PRO I find that auto updates is not working. I've checked all the 'right boxes' and "allowed" MWB on other anti-virus and anti-spy progrms. any advice folks ??
  6. I notice that each time I download a new update the package size is always around 5.3MB. Is this because MWB always uses the same size 'bucket' regardless of how much 'water' is needed???
  7. Thanks TeMerc and noknojon for replies. great to see a fast response.
  8. Just installed Malwarebytes so new to its actions. I see it says 'WebPage Blocking' but on the Help that comes with Mab I can't see what it does and how to stop and start it. Can anybody help???