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  1. I think I see it these randomly named files in my system32 for the delete on reboot are being detected as trojan.downloader by False Positive? It doesn't seem to be removing itself either..leaving it available to be detected../shrug When I deleted those 2 files it made another random in the same directory..same warning from Kaspersky..this time the file was named dllrv.sys..& MB is detecting it again as well
  2. Nope..KaV..with application integrity & most of the scanning options available So once I saw the replies..I left it alone & didn't think another thing of it..until I saw the results of my next MalwareBytes scan.. GXTMR.sys was the file Kaspersky warned me about..I see the above about the potentially overzealous heuristics but now MB is telling me about it too.. :-/
  3. So I'm curious..upon first install I ran MalwareBytes found 3 things..1 of which the infamous Trojan.Alert..& 2 Registry Keys..anyway that isn't the point at I removed made the log..then said it needed to restart my computer to finish I let it.. As it was killing processes preparing to shutdown Kaspersky popped up & told me MalwareBytes was trying to download a driver in a "hidden" way..the path was Local/Windows/System32/GXTMR.sys I accepted it..since I figured well..I got the program from your site..I doubt it's malicious.. Anyway here I am..wondering what GXTMR.sys is :-) Google brought up nothing :-*( Thanks Much ^^