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  1. MEE

    Just have:) I dont find it odd at all, but thank you for your assistance:) Regards,
  2. I have sent a email to the reseller team last week, but have not recevied any info regarding my question, so I will try my luck here Is it possible for a reseller to issue to a big potential user a trial MEE key before the client makes the purchase? It is a well established practice in the rest of the security software industry:) Regards
  3. just upgraded, its great, no problems so far B)
  4. great, just upgraded
  5. Hi Moogle, Yes I have been contacted by the sales team, and for any further questions will contact them directly, thank you very much:) Adriatic, here we get by with all kinds of board activities;) Regards,
  6. Hi Moogle, Pm sent, thank you. Regards,
  7. Hello, I have sent an application last week, but have not received any info regarding it. Could somebody please help me with this issue or point me to the person who could help me? Thank you in advance. Regards,
  8. I apologise, posted in a hurry, just wanted to share it here. Bottom line is that everything changes very fast in the security industry, and only those who will respond and adapt to change will survive, like Darwinism
  9. why spam? laugh now, but the arms race in the security business is getting more and more intense, new technologies arise daily, just my 2$
  10. all best
  11. remains to be seen
  12. http://www.mcafee.com/us/products/deep-defender.aspx
  13. Agressive marketing some would say;), is there a way of dealing with this kind of unloyal competition? cheers