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  1. I have been following some of the tags on the Error 732,0,0 on attempting to update the old version of MalWareBytes....free version... ABSOLUTELY NONE of the fixes presented "fixed" the problem of updating the older version. OK, sounds like MBAM has gone the way of MS and AVG to get too big for their "britches".... uninstalled the old and went back to install the new. Guess what? It doesnt work either. Have tried to not only uninstall the old but registry edits to try to remove all instances of the old. Issue is that on WinXP and W7, the install gets about 10% thru the copy process and dies ... just enough to create a folder and begin copying files. Also, am I the only one that tried to get some of the older versions to install ONLY to get the 1.46 EVERY TIME? I used to recommend MalWareBytes because of its ease of use, quick updating, and comprehensive system checks. I am seriously considering finding another solution and begin using and recommending it. Now for my question: Is there a solution in sight? Or do I start looking for something else?