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  1. So I got hit by a virus(posting from wii fyi) and it restarted my computer making a weird noise for a few seconds. So everything starts up normal until I get to the login screen. I log in and my computer immediately restarts. I tried Safe mode with networking and it did the same effect. So I did Safe mode itself and same effect but when I log into another account, it works. So I ran mbam and found 1 infection then removed it, it didn't work. I went to windows defender to look at startup programs, I noticed there was explorer.exe listed as something i forgot but it was a registry key. So i deleted it and it didn't help. I tried System Restore with no effect, but a few restarts later, I couldn't log in. BTW, I checked my task manager for any unusual processess but none but noticed in the performance tab, my cpu usage jumps to 100% frequently like a pattern with a red line, not your usual green line. Also in safe mod w/o networking I tried to open Chrome but it said it stopped working but firefox and IE opens but obviously no internet. Windows Vista SP2 64-bit
  2. http://www.iccup.com Port: 50372 90.156.178.X x means theres a random number
  3. False positive on iccup website.
  4. Just a suggestion so logs won't pile up
  5. You can find certain logs easier by not saving logs if there aren't anything malicious detected by mbam =0
  6. It shows up in the Quarantine tab
  7. None of the logs show they have this
  8. Oh and i didn't run scans, it just popped up in my Quarantine(as a user account, don't see this as an admin)
  9. Log of what?
  10. Mbam reports i have a Trojan Agent HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon|Shell It looks like a general registry key, i saw the same exact thing a few days ago and removed it but its back again
  11. I know all of that already, but in some programs you can open them without an admin password and do stuff that doesn't require admin password.Although when you do something that requires admin password, the pop up opens up asking for admin password.In a standard account on windows vista, you can turn on the feature where mbam starts with windows, but it starts as a user account. When you click on the update tab, you can't click on the update button at all, my suggestion is the button is clickable and a pop up box comes up asking for admin password.
  12. I know i have to right click and click run as administrator for mbam to open and allow me to update. But i've seen some programs that are allowed to be opened in the user account and when something needs admin password, it just asks for admin password. An example is updating windows defender.
  13. Can you please have an option for mbam to start with windows but have an option to turn mbam icon on/off in the bottom right?