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  1. ...actually don't worry too much - looks like you're correct about the right-click dll thing... the prog is running now and I successfully did an update check. Thanks again for the great work.
  2. Hi, registered new here because of your great work with Anti-Malware. I was hit by a number of trojans etc which were blocking me out of Malwarebytes.org; today I successfully did a scan with AVAST which finally nailed them (I hope) - at least my browser will now go to your site, and I can download Anti-Malware. But I still get the "unable to register the dll/ocx" message at the end of trying to install. So when I follow the link you posted to SubInACL, (using Firefox) I see the microsoft page fine, but when I click on "download" something buggy happens and I get "address not found". If I *very* quickly select the splash screen offering to try the "beta version" of the download page, I get something that looks exactly like the original page, but this time I can start the download... but what I'm downloading is Silverlight.exe and not the MSI file... IE doesn't find the download link at all, I just get "The page cannot be displayed". I've disabled all add-ons in Firefox, and I tried pasting the MSI link into Leechget but it just stalls and does nothing. Thanks for any further advice.