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  1. My computer started running very slowly. I have tried to run Malwarebytes, but when I click the icon, nothing happens. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and then re-installed. On the re-installation, I got several "Run Time Error" messages, and then I still can't run Malwarebytes. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  2. My computer has been much quieter since I reinstalled Windows 7. I was looking into my sound options, and I found a speaker test. My right speaker is much quieter than my left, and I realize now that when I'm listening to music, the left speaker is really dominant. Why would one speaker be so much quieter after a reinstall? Any ideas on how to fix it?
  3. I installed iTunes. iTunes installed Bonjour. I know that Bonjour is a program that Malwarebytes experts don't like. Do I have to keep Bonjour to run iTunes?
  4. I think everything is properly installed. I'm taking your advice about not venturing on too much internet without virus protection. I still am undecided if I need Avast Pro or just the free version. What's your opinion? Amethyst, I'm with you - trying to keep from downloading Java. I had thought I'd avoided it before - but realized in my haste of installing some programs, I didn't read the finer print, and ended up installing it.
  5. With Avast - the difference between free and $20 is the "safezone" feature - for protection while banking online, and paying for things. Do you think that feature is necessary?
  6. And how can I avoid java?
  7. Should I get "Free" or "Pro"?
  8. YEAH BABY! Back up and running. Installed Windows 7, and the and the wifi came back. I'm going to Avast now to get me some anti-virus! Hooray!
  9. I'm installing Windows 7. It must be my friend's disc that came with his 1525. Its 32 bit Home Basic. I think the wrong discs were in my computer package when I bought it. He has his own set of discs. This "Drivers and Utilities" disc I have is not for the computer I have though. 1564 isn't listed as "computers supported" on the disc. Weird.
  10. Planet Malwarebytes? It's pretty awesome. They've been bailing me out since 2008. It's a planet of hope. I should just stick around here and give up facebook.
  11. You guys pretty much build your own computers, I think.
  12. Thank you. That's good to know. That explains who would like a touch screen too. People who prefer not to type. Touch screen would be good for a family computer, then - children (with clean hands) could use it. Very handy for people who would want to home-school because children could interact with educational programs at an earlier age, if these programs were created.
  13. Friend and I were also trying to figure out - why do people like tablets? Because it gives them a reason to carry a manbag?
  14. It might not be my disc, but its an unopened Windows 7 disc that he has, and will give to me tomorrow. I guess I'll reinstall Windows 7 tomorrow night/Sunday. Sorry for all this rigamarole!