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  1. Possible, but I regularly scan and have pro activated, but you could be right. I had to unblock a site that was in the mbam blackist a week ago, but the file, a zipped up bios, was downloaded w/o using any download manager and was for another computer, not the one I am using. I never use download managers even from well known site llike "Dell" as I dont trust any of them. The only other antivirus is MSE which I also keep updated. I could be wrong but I am guessing the name of the download was 1 character long or some invalid character. I did not see the selection box for "save", "cancel" and I seem to recall that the warning for mbam was right where those buttons should have been. Could an invalid filename have caused chrome to not properly display the name of the download or put it where it could not be seen? I went back to the site to see if I could duplicate the problem but it was down "try again later". I will not be going back. The site was a url linked to by the drudgereport and NOT the site I got that updated bios from.
  2. I have not seen this before on Google Chrome. Unfortunately, I failed to get a screen print as I didnt realize the signifience. While surfing, mbam gave the message at the status bar of chrome that a potential download could cause a problem. I dont remember the exact wording. I did not see any download listed nor had I started any downloads. Normally downloads show up as tabs in the status bar and one can cancel the download. Later I closed google chrome and got a warning that a download was in progress. Again, there was no download visible at the bottom which was very disturbing expecially since I had not started any downloads. This was suspicious but a scan showed nothing using mbam pro (licensed). I then went to AppData where chrome stores temp stuff and looked for something the exact date & time as the download warning. I didnt see anything obvious. I assumed that download was aborted when I exited chrome and was deleted. Just wondering if anyone has seen something like this. I have chrome's status enabled and it always shows downloads in progress. Somehow the site I was on or had been on, had some way of hiding the download so chrome didnt show it. Thanks for looking!
  3. Discussion at the boinc forum is here Unaccountably, my computer hung when the virus was reported as shown in the following photograph (screen print did not work)
  4. Thanks for clarifying this. I have had mbam find trojans such as antivirus 2011 (or whatever year they use) and other trojans that MSE does not detect nor was able to remove. I do not use McAfee anymore as I no longer have access to the corporate updates and am using MSE, Defender and mbam pro that I bought about 6 months ago.
  5. The company I worked for used McAfee Corporate with its policy manager and there would be one or more 30 second timeouts when booting up as both McAfee and Essentials (defender ?) were scanning the same partitions and files at the same time. McAfee forum corp support advised to disable Windows Defender to prevent this from happening and there was a walk thru on how to disable defender at their forum. Not sure if this applies here, but I thought I would mention that one option is to uninstall essentials.
  6. I have been running Pro for some time and was wondering if I should uninstall Microsoft's Security Essentials. They are both running and I assume taking more resources than if I just ran mbam pro by itself. Before I retired I was using McAfee Corporate with its policy manager and I had a problem re-enableing windows defender when I uninstalled McAfee. I assume I can leave defender to run as-is and just uninstall essentials. Is this advised? I am thinking it would help speed up my system. From my experience, trojans and newer viruses are found by mbam and not by essentials. Thanks for looking!
  7. I have 4 instances of chrome.exe running and I suspect one of those is that fake dialog box. I will leave it up on my monitor for a while in case it is a real MSE but I dont think it is based on the button "Clean Computer" and being asked to click "Clean PC". That does not seem right.
  8. Why would it say "Clean PC" in the instructions. Microsoft has a lot of bean counters and they should easily spot that there is no "Clean PC" button on the dialog box. I think it is a fake attempt to download a virus.
  9. I have purchased and been using mbam (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (PRO) and it is up to date. While surfing an obvious attempt to have me download a virus popped up. There were several pages open so I dont know which one cause the problem. Anyway, I was wondering why mbam did not spot the problem page. Maybe there is no way to tell. I did not and do not intend to click "Clean Computer" or the show details. I have not tried closing the box yet but I suspect it might pop up another box asking me if I really want to close it. When that happens I generally bring up task manager and kill chrome or iexplorer. In this case, I had chrome running so it was chrome that allowed this site to pop up this message. Question: Is this a virus attempt (as I suspect) or a real warning from Security Essentials? Question: If there anything else I can do other than bring up the task manager and kill chrome if I cannot close this dialog box when clicking on the "X".
  10. I just registered mbam. I have been using the free version over the last 2 years just to remove bad stuff and decided to get the full one today. In looking at the Ignore List, I do not see any way to exclude files ending in .ISO or .NRG. Many of these are blu-ray movie images and it would be a waste of resources to scan them. It does appear I can exclude the directory or disk they are on so that is a fall back. TIA!
  11. Thanks - I looked at that patch. However, I have patch2 which should include all previous patches. They are up to patch 4 but I dont have those. I am unsure what is happening. AFAICT my system has been clean for some time and I keep 8.7i P2 up to date with McAfee latest database. I cannot believe that only those .exe files in alphabetical order 1033b.exe thru APOMngrg.exe in that syswow64 had the dx trojan. When I canceled the MalwareBytes can, McAfee stopped reporting the dx trojan at APOMngrg.exe. I ran some tests. To start off, I following the following instructions on adding mbam support to McAfee Basic Procedures to correct disappearing programs I then brought up the mcafee quarantine manager and un-quaranteened (restored to syswow64) accessibilitycplw.exe. I then ran a McAfee scan on c:\system\syswow64 and accessibilitycplw.exe was reported as a dx trojan and re-quaranteened. None of the other 100+ exes in the syswow64 directory had a problem, just that one I pulled out of the quarantine. I then restored another, accessibilitycpls.exe, went to the command prompt and changed to c:\system\syswow64 and copied "write.exe" and "accessibilitycpls.exe" to a new subdirectory I created, "c:\scanx". The executable "write.exe" was copied, but not accessibilitycpls.exe. It was re-quaranteened. I then brought up MalwareBytes and scanned c:\scanx and it scanned "write.exe" just fine and McAfee did not find anything wrong after the scan completed. I then brought McAfee back up and un-did all the changes that were recommended in that link above and then scanned c:\scanx. There was no problem. I cannot account for why the first "quick scan" after the update to mbam created all those trojans (if indeed it did). The fact that that McAfee stopped reporting trojans the instant I stopped the mbam scan is suspicious. However, running mbam again just a few minutes ago on the directory c:\scanx did not cause any trojans to appear in the executable "write.exe" I am looking for another vista64 system so I can restore those files. I am unsure if I reboot if microsoft will restore them for me.
  12. I just did an update to mbam followed by a quick scan and VirusScan 8.7 (p2) deleted all .exe files in c:\windows\SysWOW64 that mbam scanned. It thought they were the dx trojan. I assume there is no problem with mbam since I used it last year to get rid of an "antivirus 2009" that McAfee could not delete and all I did was update to the latest database this morning. I stopped the mbam scan so not all .exe's were deleted, just ones in alphabetical order from "1033b.exe" thru "APOMngrg.exe" Is this a case of "false positives"? A known problem? The system seems to be working fine even though most of the files starting with "A" have been deleted from SysWOW64. Can I find them somewere and restore them?