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  1. It would be handy if MBAM aplication exlusion list, as it blocks a lot of IPs of µTorrent, even do they are perfectly safe for that aplication. I had to turn of the baloon warnings because it drived me greazy, even do i prevered to be warned about real treads.
  2. I have no problem getting reply's from treads ware i have posted in. Do i dont want a update from all the new post i never even have visited. None of the following mails i never even replied in
  3. I have set that my self also up, but think its a bid lame that it not setup like that by default. Malwarebytes is assuming a to high level knowledge level of its users. Assuming that most your users are idiots, and dont know how to configure settings, would make a security program a lot safer imho. And even for the people that that will look and know how to change the settings, it still would be better to have default settings, as even most of those dont know what is best.
  4. Ok Malewarebytes keeps spamming me wit daily new topic updates whit out me asking for it!!!! And yes i have bin in to my Email settings on the forum but what ever i do i keep on getting spammed Next option for me is just block MB
  5. As a leader of a sport club i know there is a fine line between, give something away, and making ends needs. (I would like to teach all kids that want to, for free, but i also know that the teaching room is not for free) But a nag screen can also be functional. I only see benefits: Ignorant can see they have to do something. The step's you have to take to update is still the same. Purchase information mouths more prominent. Improvement of overall security upgraded. I put in my 2 cents, and I have done my best to make my case on the subject, it's now up to the MBAM team to decide.
  6. What ever you do nag ore dont nag, just give a warning that the definitions are outdated. Because eider stop giving the free version away, ore do ''Safety first'', to not warn people the product is not up to date is even worse imho.
  7. I have gone pro years ago, next to that i use G-Data, S&D and Secunia PSI (imho a must have and at least as important as MBAM), and on top of that i made 90% of all hacks impossible by running a Limited account So I am pretty sure that i am as safe as i can be. But even do its a free program, what MalwareBytes is doing now whit MBAM, is giving n00b users a gun to shoot at treads, whit a clip of blanks (read no updated definitions), even do they can load it whit real bullets (do a update), if they know that they need to change the clip (auto warning that definitions are outdated). And to sell more Pro versions, if the auto warning warns give a pop-up ware and how to buy the Pro version to stop the nagging pop-up and list all the benefits of the Pro version.
  8. I understand the reason for that, and i not asking for a auto update as need to have in the free version. But auto check and warning that definitions are out of date, is imho a need. As it could give (specially WoW n00b) users a falls feel of security that is not there. Even do they are to cheap to get the real deal, ore don't take the time check out how MBAM works, and its there own fault, there will be some that think "hmm that MBAM dose not help at all" and i still got hacked. If MBAM dose find malware because its not outdated they are more likely to upgrade to full version like me.
  9. Its very easy to forget to update your definitions, as they are are on a other tab why not auto check if you got the latte's version of the definitions, and then auto update, would makes it mouths more idiot proof program. And I don't really get the point of the hole update tab people should always use the program whit definitions up to date. Installed AM on a n00b friends computer a year ago, i was yesterday at his place and checked his PC, he had not updated the definitions for a year. He had run the program every week, but when i ask him why did he not had updated it? "Do you need to update it " Going idiot proof is always a good plan, specialy whit a world full of idiots, even do most of them are nice people Further more tnx for this program, it finds things no other programs do not find, and is a standard install for me next to G-Data, S&D and Secunia PSI