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  1. just finished uninstall, mbam.clean, & reinstall(including all exclusions in av)... will keep watch for the problem & if it happens again, i will post back with appropriate info.. many thanks
  2. they were all mbamservice.exe memory block xxxxxxx win32.xxxxxxx... did not keep the information.... was concerned about them so did a restore of system(which i found out later was not needed)... after that i did some investigation on the web and in avast forum and saw that sometimes an av will load virus signatures in memory... i did not know why they do that & that is why i asked the original question... i googed the various win32.xxxx and according to info on the web, if they were real viruses they would have made entries in the registry... checked the registry and found NONE of entries that virus would have put there, so i concluded they must be virus signatures loaded by mbamservice, and again that is the reason for the inquiry... have not seen them since however... thanks...
  3. i have all mbam, exe, dll, etc excluded from avast but i still received the aforementioned virus msgs when i did the scan..
  4. does mbam load virus signatures into memory?? if so why and how does it work?? my AV is avast 5 pro and recently an avast scan showed 6 viruses and all were from mbamservice.exe... can someone please explain how this all this works?? thanks
  5. yea... i found it after all.. in my saved e-mail folders... sorry bout being so stupid... thanks much!!!!
  6. i know this is stupid, but when i purchased mbam did i receive some sort of install key besides the id that shows in the 'about' tab of the pgm? the 'about' tab shows a key that is hidden, but i DO NOT recall ever receiving this key and i cannot find it anywhere!!! please advise if i was supposed to have received the key, and if so, how can i go about getting the key?? thanks much
  7. i've been doing some testing and i may have been wrong before... let me do some MORE testing to see if i have made a mistake... get back to you later... thanks..
  8. computer turned on... i was sitting here watching it in windows task mgr... scan was 'quick scan' all param boxes were checked... recover by set for 1 hour... running win 7 32 bit all updates in place, etc. thanks
  9. just scheduled scan this am to run at 2:05 with all params checked off, but it did NOT run... checked the log and nothing there... checked windows task mgr at 2:05 - 2:06 and MBAM not running... any suggestions..
  10. Firefox... thanks very much for the info.. that clarifies things for me..
  11. is there a way to speed up the mbam.exe without having to change task priority in the task mgr when performing scans?? i noticed in windows task mgr that mbam.exe is running at 'below normal speed' ... also when scanning does 'full scan' include all items in the 'quick scan', and does 'quick scan' include all items in 'flash scan'?? in other words if i do 'full scan' do i get items in all 3 scans, and if doing 'quick scan' do i get all items in both 'quick scan' and 'flash scan'?? thanks
  12. maybe i'm missing something here, but my scheduler does not have any 'download and install updates if available' anywhere that i can see... thanks..
  13. i was referring to the SCHEDULED update, not manual one.... i noticed all msgs when doing manual, but none on scheduled updates... thanks
  14. forgot this... if 'run flash scan after update' is checked & there is no update necessary, does flash scan run anyway or does it not run at all?? thanks
  15. is there some way to get a notice when the update runs as to whether or not it completed. i noticed that the protection log shows 'update completed successfully' sometimes. what happens when there is no update to do?? does the protection log not record this fact?? it looks as tho protection log records the update when there is one available, but not when one is not available.. do you have to assume that when there is no protection log msg, that no update is necessary and that all is well(no errors, etc).. thanks