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    Helping People To Get Rid Of Those Nasty Virus's!
  1. Can I Get This Right? When You Start Your Trial And It Finishes You Will Automatically Be Reverted To The Free Version? Thanks
  2. I Will Get Some PRO's To Take A Look Please Be Patient!
  3. Hopefully Firefox Will Help You.
  4. Try Switching Off Your Firewall Then Try Update, If This Does Not Work Turn Firewall Back On (Firewall Is Important!)
  5. Is Firewall Activated?
  6. What To Do: Go Online On A Neighbours / Friends Computer, Download MBAM, Put MBAM Onto A Disc, Bring It To Your House And Run It And MBAM Should Help
  7. Click Settings >>>>>>>>> Updater Settings. Does It Look The Same As This? *TICKED BOX* Download And Install Program Updates If Availible *UNTICKED BOX* Use Proxy Server To Download Updates.
  8. Are You Using A Proxy?
  9. Sounds Nasty! May I Ask You To Do A Scan And Then Show Me The Log?
  10. I don't understand your instruction. Are you referring to the file "AVG Remover" which is currently in my Recycle Bin? That file can be downloaded using the link I have given...here's the link again and the AVG Remover there is the clickable named "32 bit & 64 bit archive." Do you want me to restore the AVG Remover that I have put on my Recycle Bin? How do I zip it(I've never done it, only unzipping) for sending to this forum? I have IZArc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dont Unzip It! Click Add Reply On Forum (Not FastReply) And You Should See Attachments Below, Upload The Zip File. Save It Onto Forum And MBAM Staff Will Check It And Yes, Take It Out Your Recycling Bin!
  11. Also When I Cant Find Something I Just Delete Ones With Random Names And Then My Computer Goes Dodgy!
  12. ALT + CTRL + DELETE = Task Manager. On Task Manager There Is A Tab Called " Processes " I Think You Should Be Able To End Processes On MBAM But You Can't See Processes Made By Windows If I Open Task Manager And Want To Remove A Process It Takes Forever Because Windows Has So Many! So If You Just Showed Ones Which Were Not Made By Windows It Would Be Simple To Remove Them! Hope You Like My Idea! -Harry
  13. Try To Uninstall MBAM. Then Hop Down To www.malwarebytes.org And Download MBAM Again. It Could Have Been An Error While You Were Installing. Hope This Helps -Harry