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  1. Hey all Kay here again, I was sent a post by the user IGKwatMNshouldbe to help me get rid of the virus "smart engine" that has decided to live in my PC! I followed the procedure on the post! and the virus just won't go away! I have downloaded every anti-virus software and trojan. spy ware removal and nothing seems to get rid of it! every time I type it pops up! its so annoying! I downloaded defogger which enabled me to disable the CD emulation drive, I didn't receive an error so i have no log to post! i also downloaded DDS and no LOGS opened! (DDS.txt or Attach.txt) I downloaded GMER Rookiti scanner which is still scanning I followed all the procedures there too. unfortunately I do not use Fire fox I use Google chrome. so if anyone knows how to help me I would really appreciate it! because nothing is working! thank you....
  2. thanks guy really appreciate it
  3. Hey all I am new to this forum and i need help for my PC badly, last week my comp installed smart engine and i can't get rid of it. my crtl +alt+del command stopped working too. so for a week I have been battling with it. today i finally got it working, i can't really remember what i did, but i did it. so i ended task for smart engine and got rid of the icon, or whatever. But i am still not convinced its gone. I can't download malware byte, due to the fact that every time its almost complete an error note appears!!!! "339 vbalsgrid6....something is missing. I have been having so much problems downloading alot of programs due to missing keys.. I have no idea what is going on... I can't not download ANYTHING! its is soo upsetting my media player won't even play! I can't have Itunes, or real player, or even ADOBE! can anyone help me!??!! I am using Windows XP home Edition...