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  1. Hi I don't know the rules here yet or if I am allowed to reply but I'll help guide you until i find out. First, HJT is in a temp file. When you download Hijackthis you must extract it somewhere instead of running it. Right click on hijackthis.zip and choose Extract option then unzip it in a safe place like c:\HJT (may require using the new folder button). Next I need to find out if i am allowed to post here, this doesnt help you but an employee under my wing used my name and had me banned from a security site so I am sketchy on this.
  2. Ditto on the congrats. Hope the issue with Eagle1 gets fixed overall. Also nice to see familiar 'faces' by your side like ChrisRLG especially but also tashi, wng_z3r0 etc. I may also be able to mirror it if needed or help code the main site.