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  1. Hi.. I left my topic in PC Help section for IE7 problem. Collect information from "exile360" (forum member) replied post. Install and scan my pc with Anti-Malware. Oh really what a amazing application only one click and get rid of problem . I am thankful to this forum's members and amazing application's team. Thank you all
  2. Thanks for your information. Here's update. I download Anti-Malware and installed. Run the app and scan. There is only 2 registry changed or corrupted I clicked on remove and reboot pc. I open IE7 and check that blank window appears again or not. Starting the IE7 looks like that its newly installed. This time no blank window appears again and again. I check whole day to surfing here and there but no blank popup window appears. I really appericiate this application amazing. Only one click get rid of this problem. Thanks all of you. we will meet again without problem
  3. Hi all... I am new in between you... I am Eagle5 from Pakistan. 39 years married live with 3 children. My proffession Lands, Farm Houses, Import & Export in garments. My hobbies are watching horror movies, mp3s, graphix designing (for personal use) and above these all RC Helicopters (I Love It) not an expert but little knowledge of computer & internet. Its very difficult to tell you about my good habbits & bad too. A normal person respect for all
  4. Hi All... New here but not new for Internet & computer machine. Around 3 months ago, popup came in my pc. I did start pc and connecting any site with IE7 a popup window opens with the url of mp.clicksor and so on like this. This add link appears only one time, if I close this window than not appears again. This open only when I start pc or reatart. I try to remove this pop window but failed. try lot of adwares apps, malware, anti viruses but the thing is at it place. I apply all my efforts to remove this with the help of forum search but not successful. Couple of days ago I dont know which site I saw but the popups open after 3 or 4 minutes. I close the window everytime but after 4 minutes window opens and redirect browser to webfetti home page. I have already installed AVG, Combofix. Hijack this and Spybot S&D. AVG no find anything. I did run hijack this but I dont understand what file is there. Then I start combofix, it delete some files and restart pc. After this at starting up the msg appears "Data Corrupted" Please reinstall application to recover it. (At the moment I ignore this msg). I start IE7 but no any change the popups opened as before. I start Spybot S&D after completetion I restart my pc and open IE7 but this time popup window appears but no any url. I wait for some minutes to watch where browser is going which site connected. but page is blank and I press stop button address bar show me this text "res://ieframe.dll/navcancl.htm". Pop window open after 3 or 4 minutes later. I disable it and again appears with their time duration. Please somebody helping me here that what is the problem and where I fix this problem. i am very grateful to you all. Thanks Eagle5