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  1. Thank you Becky, Looks like you are taking the correct path to perfect this new product. Looking forward to its release. Jim
  2. I am not using this Beta but have been following this forum for a while. How are you handling all the False Positives that have been reported. Are they being whitelisted or are you tweaking your product for better detection? Jim
  3. I wonder how that inclusion will affect the Lifetime license of MBAM. Jim
  4. I am running Malwarebytes Premium and also use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free as it protects my Browsers from exploits. Jim
  5. Good news. With the release of the scheduling problem is fixed. Jim
  6. Question 1 4 - but I always have a backup image. Question 2 1- Include Anti-Exploit in MBAM Pro 2 - Under Dashboard License - Add Lifetime or Expiration Date Database Version - Add Last Update date & time Scan Progress - Add Last Scan date & time Jim
  7. question 1 4 question 2 Bugs Scan schedule where the weekly choice is doubled for the next scan. The daily choice for 7 days and above also doubles but 6-days works OK. - I reported this and the development team may already be aware. Looking forward to testing the next Beta. Jim
  8. I tried a few workarounds to get my scan to run once a week. I set it up using the Daily schedule and repeat every 7 days. NO GOOD it went 14 days. I then tried repeat every 6 days and YEA it works. I then played with the weekly schedule again and the repeat choices double the time. One week gives you 2 and 2 weeks give you 4. So I now have mine set for Daily and repeat every 6 days. Jim
  9. After update to old problem has resurfaced. Set Threat Scan to run weekly and repeat every week. After the scan has completed the dashboard shows the next scan is due in 2 weeks instead of one. It was working properly in version This is on 2 of my systems. Jim
  10. Its been 21 days since his post. Why are the other links on here still at 1011? Jim
  11. Which of these is the latest release version? First pinned post in this section on July 1, pbust says is the new released version but all links on this site except one in his post show Confused. Jim
  12. What is the latest version. All the links have except the one link that has as referenced in the thread on July 1 announcing 1014. Jim
  13. Of course they fixed it as soon as I posted. Jim
  14. The link to the released is still shows 1.06. Please update. Jim
  15. Defintly interested in the Beta. Thanks for the update. Jim