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  1. Well, I found from Norton that it was a HTTP Tidserv Request. I did a little research on Google, and, downloaded the first app I could find. After a brief scan (That only took 3 mins! No kidding!), I found that, after a reboot, (As it was needed to take effect), the web browser is not hijacked, anymore. But, yeah. Heh. Thanks, anyways, for your help. I'll come by, again, if I need any more help. Odds are, I'll need to reformat my computer, once more, just to restore it to really regular factory condition. Heh. Thanks, again. I hope this helps other people, eh. The app is called: TDSSKiller.exe . Best download I ever had, in a long while. Heh. !
  2. Ok. Right now, it seems that it's still not infected, according to the scanner. But, I'm more than certain. If it's still reporting as nothing, I'll just wait for someone to send me the file I need. Thanks, for your help, eh.
  3. Freakin' Quick Scan found nothing. I'll try a Full Scan. Hopefully, it'll get mroe results.
  4. Ok. Sorry about that. I'm new, here.
  5. Thanks. I'll run it, to see if there's any result. I'll post back, when the scan's finished.
  6. No. Is it shareware, or freeware? I don't wanna have to be going through a process of having to get a license to use it.
  7. My computer didn't come with an Installation CD. It just installed. on its own. I can't really explain it. But, it did. Um, would you happen to have a copy of the file? Thanks for replying, by the way! I really hate having this annoying Hijacker on my Hard Drive, eh.
  8. Hi. I've found that I've been hijacked, and I need an important system file. I need a copy of netBT.sys from C:\Windows\System32\drivers . I need it from a Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1. I think that file on my drive is infected. I could be wrong, but, I just need the file, just in case. So, if anyone could send it to me by Private Message, that would be great. Thanks.