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  1. Thanks. Maurice naggar confirmed the FP at SevenForums. Regards, G
  2. G'day, I've just come across this thread on SevenForums. Can anyone comment on this? I've never sen this before. Regards, G
  3. Thanks AdvancedSetup. Apologies, I wasn't trying to get details of the scanner workings, I just after some assurance that the hidden factory recovery partition on my wife's laptop is also scanned in the venet that I ever have to perform a restore to factory default settings. Regards, Golden
  4. Hi, Can any Malwarebyte staff offer comments on the questions above? Thanks, Golden
  5. That makes sense : this is the behaviour I see. Thanks for the explanation AdvancedSetup.
  6. I have seen this behaviour too, and posted about that a few weeks ago in another thread mentioning the non-updating of the program, but my post was deleted. Regards, Golden
  7. Hi, I've seen this question raised in another forum, and wonder how MBAM scans the following: - the hidden factory recovery partition (in the case of laptops) - the System reserved (100MB partition) - the MBR (first 512 bytes on HDD) since you can only select scans by selecting a drive letter. Can anyone comment on this? Thanks, Golden
  8. Thanks. I posted a suggestion to allow users to select logfile location/s during MBAM install.
  9. Hi, I have another query regarding logfiles: Is there any reason as to why the various logfiles are spread across two locations. I have logfiles here: C:\Users\{Name}\AppData\Roaming\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs and also here C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs Thanks, Golden
  10. Hi Rich, I'm not convinced the automatic update is/was working as intended, as of a few weeks ago (I can't put a more exact time frame on it). I've always had the option checked, but between version 1.50 and it never did the automatic update. I was only aware of version when I right-clicked on the MBAM icon on my taksbar, and then clicked Start Scanner. A pop-up opened informing me that a new version was available for download. I know of one other user that had exactly the same issue as me. Does this sound familar to you? Does checking for newer versions of the software only happen at set intervals in a day, or week, or at the same frequency as database updates? Regards, Golden
  11. Thanks for the reply AdvancedSetup. Can the command line parameters be used to specify how MBAM starts at computer bootup. For example, I would like to specify: mbam.exe /logtofile E:\Security_Logs\mbam_log_files\mbam-security-log.txt Is a separate command line of similar format required to save the protection logs to a separate location/file? Can you give me more advice on how to set this up? Is there some way for me to request that a change be considered to the software, that allows the user to nominate the location (drive/folder) for logfiles during installation? Depending on the frequency of scans, having many logfiles written to my sold state drive is not ideal. I would like the option to have the log files saved to a different drive. Thanks, Golden
  12. Thanks for the reply TeMerc. Is this something that could be requested for future updates to the software? My reason for asking is that it currently writes these log files to my SSD. I prefer them to be written to my classic spinner drive. Regards, Golden
  13. Hi, Is it possible to nominate the location to which log file are saved in MBAM? Thanks, Golden
  14. Thanks prairie dog - that seemed to do the trick.
  15. Hi, MBAM 1.50 has been running perfectly for me, however, this morning upon bootup, I get thye following message: [OpenEvent] Failed to perform desired action. Error Code: 2 I plan to uninstall, and then re-install MBAM, and re-register with my licence key. Before I try that, is there anything else I should do first? Thanks, Golden